Official Sin^2 X + Cos^2 X clan page


Hello, I am Killymachine the leader of Sin^2 X + Cos^2 X clan.

For those wondering “Killy, what is your clan name?”, the trigonometric identity of the Sin^2 X + Cos^2 X = 1 (pronounced in my area “sine squared X + cos squared X”) . The “1” can be inferred by the clans hopeful position or the general greatness of the clan - interpret as you will.

This page will be for the members of the clan and anyone thinking of applying for this great clan. We consist of: ex-HTK, other old members and newer players who are keen to rank up with me. Moreover, we are a friendly clan who are active and social - debating tactics or just a chat. Other relevant news, messages or more public announcements may also be found here when required.

Feel free to post in this topic about necessary information or requests and they shall be attended to if needed. Keep in mind the rules of the forum and respect other people (inside and outside of your clan).

Good Job Sin^2 X + Cos^2 X!

good job on hitting top 10 clans
hope you make it to top 6 soon


@killymachine one question, why you kicked me out of the clan?


You were very low ranked and were (at the time) not ready to be in this sort of clan.

Good luck for the future with the SM be it with me or not.


What rank do you accept?


Hey, just letting you know do to a homework overflow and other things with school I wont be able to be on today or for long tomorrow.



20 characters…


I accept ranks 1-5 at the moment. PM me for any further queries.


Fair enough

Thank you for answering


I’d like to rejoin whenever you have the space, as my clan is fun but not serious


PM me (on forums) with your mechs and rank.


CONGRATULATIONS SIN^2 X + COS^2 X MEMBERS. :fireworks::sparkler::sparkles::balloon:
おめでとう さいん ^2X + こさいん^2X 友達 !!!!


Think I could join? I’m around rank 11-10 right now but I can easily achieve rank 8-7 if I try.


This is more of a rank 6+


I’m rank 7 does that count?

I could get to rank 6 if I actually tried really hard, but I don’t try hard on games like this :confused:
Now, fortnite is a whole other story


Not really, cause by end of season people should be rank 5