Official NaNoWriMo thread

It’s November! Which means NaNoWriMo began (National Novel Writing Month).

If you are looking to participate, please enroll on

The goal is to write a story with over 50,000 words before the end of the month. A few Battle Dawn players have already joined. (There’s a skype chat set up for this). If you are interested, please contact me, @Germanicus, or @Carter via forum or otherwise. Or just leave your skype below. Thank you.


Wow - 50,000 words are a lot, I know 2 who can easy do that in a few forum posts !


I prefer to use less words … so I can give you maybe (!) the shortest story …

“Once … End.”


Let your imagination work !



Is it a contest for beginners only?
Can anyone participate?

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Actually, it’s very easy to take into account the following factors:

1 average transcriptionist can write 25 words per minute, which means that 50,000 words transformed to hours is 1500 words, that in turn is the equivalent of writing 6 pages each day considering that on average a book contains 250 words per page.

summary can be done very easily. It is important to read the rules, technical regulations.

remember: I worked for the editorial of the National Congress of my country.

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It’s not a contest per se. It’s an annual event to improve your writing skill and get a chance to receive a copy of your novel in the form of a published book (you would have to design a cover and everything). It is also a charity event. To ein, you must succeed in writing 50k words in under a month. That will make you eligible to get published or be able to use these offers:

There are discounts on software and services, giveaways, opportunities to get published or featured on certain sites, and loads of other stuff. I personally am doing this to improve my mental capabilities. I finished school about 5 years ago, and havent written much since. This should help me remember some things i forgot, and be more prepared for college (which i finally decided to enroll in).

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I’m writing a story from the point of view of a soldier in my army in Battle Dawn (you can already tell it’s gonna have a bad ending. I’m bad at Battle Dawn). You can try something Super Mechs related (an intense mech championship, or the GOAT championship, or whatever) or about pretty much any topic you could think of. There are no restrictions.

All dead ?

:sob: :sob: :sob:


Shhhh. Don’t spoil it. Altho… eh, what’s the use? Anyone that ever seen me play BD already knew it.

@Gaurav @EnerGY @leobratce


Don’t @Malicewolf try sometimes to get you a Coffee ?

Bothans (pronounced /'bɑθɪn/) were furry mammalian anthropoids, about 1.5 meters tall. Hailing from Bothawui and several colonies, Bothans differed in facial appearance and body structure with canine, feline, and equine features. They were known for being master politicians and spies, craving intrigue and subterfuge.

The Bothans were members of the Galactic Republic from at least 4000 BBY, but likely from a significantly earlier point. Through numerous conflicts, most notably the Galactic Civil War, the Bothans remained officially neutral, although their famed Spynet always played each side and commercial interests sought profits.
The Bothans were famously credited with acquiring intelligence about the location of and Emperor Palpatine’s presence aboard the second Death Star during the Battle of Endor, enabling the Rebel Alliance to destroy the battlestation. However, many of them died to bring the Alliance this information. They played a large role in the founding of the New Republic and in the development of its government.
Bothese was the name of the native language spoken by Bothans, where Botha was the written form.

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When I go to get someone a coffee, it’s everyone else dead who tries to get in my way :innocent:


And the coffee “survives” ?

No, I consume the coffee. I survive. :blush:

Clever, but bad for the one who expect the coffee …

… at least she/he got some :heart:

if I wrote inspired by supermechs I think that in the end it would be a horror thriller also with saga included, rocky style I, II, II, …

@Kaen I like your subject too, it looks interesting your subject, could you when you finish giving me a copy? I would like to read it


I think your book could be called

“Chronicle of a Death Foretold”

but the soldier does not know that you are bad at playing.

He thinks he will win.

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Did Lamp hack Kaens account temporarily?

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Excuse me Mr.Zealot, but Miss Lamp would never do something like that. I am appalled that the thought ever crossed your mind. I too am able to be a civil person when necessary.

Miss Lamp would never write something like this.

I find it interesting to find a Nanowrimo thread here. Cool.

Good luck on the target. I failed last year! Hahaha… Gotta try again.

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