Official named continents (and oceans) for Mars and Fantasy

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So, Earth obviously has named continents. What about Mars and Fantasy? And what about the bodies of water?

My alliance on F1, MryM, have been using our own names for each continent, making it really easy to refer to them by name. But it would be nice if everyone was on the same page.

I recommend we take this process slow. I think it would be cool if the Battle Dawn staff could come up with some cool continent names (let’s face it, they probably already have,) and let us vote on the names. Then maybe they could somehow put it in the game?

Whatever the case, I’d love it if “Robin’s Sea” was an actual thing. XD


We have already Decided and named Robin’s sea. Lets keep it like that


I want the Narnia and Camp Half Blood


@Robin_Hood Please tag Alex so he can see this very quickly


@TWAquarius Alexander is very diligent. I’m sure he’ll see it.


@Robin_Hood Alex is never diligent.
Also, I suggest taking a screenshot of the maps and putting them up on your original post. That way, we can see how many names we need to come up with (and can replace them with updates if we all come up with mutually agreed upon names for 1)


Well we dont need the BD involvement just name them mutually and use them :smirk_cat:


We use a few names for various islands on Fantasy (just in our own chats), taken from the days of F3’s prime.

There’s LIS-island which is the one South-center just to the left of the big southern continent.

There’s SGC-island which is the North-center island which is covered in Ice.

Then there’s the Pinoy-Peninsula which is the long, thin continent in the bottom-right corner of the map.


There’s actually one continent named after a dev, not sure why it doesn’t show up in the game…

But indeed, you could just agree on some names and use them. :slight_smile:


I use those too! <3 Best names for fantasy!


The map of Mars that BattleDawn uses is actually pretty much just straight from a NASA photo. Though the nomenclature of Mars’s surface features technically hasn’t been standardized, it’s pretty consistent throughout the astronomical community.

BattleDawn’s Mars Map

Viking MDIM2.1 Colourized Mars Map

Mangalyaan Topographical Mars Map


mid bot island is troll island <3


This is pretty cool. :heart_eyes:


This is the one we use for Fantasy.


It bothers me that Middle Earth is not in the middle.


If only I had the brain capacity to remember that :jack_o_lantern:


I don’t even have the brain capacity to remember earth’s continents, how will I learn this one :rolling_eyes:


You already seem proficient enough


just save this pic and ur good