Off topic fanart place :b

You are talk about me or you “purged” made me mess up

Nah, [purged] means the “BLEEP” you hear when someone curses.

But seriously, how could I mess up on the eye ;-;

So finally you tried to draw on computer?

No, but I’ll try now.

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Btw what do you think about my loli art(I know it sucks)

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Looks pretty decent, I don’t like the look of the arms though lol

But I’ll give 8/10 Stars on it

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I know it - it is what 2ab are thinking
I will fix it

  • thanks for the tip :wink:

Uhhh? It’s what every artist would think if they did that :V

Okay gonna draw something now

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If can, I really want to see your art :smiley:
Also go drawing learning to drawing(watching anime)(actually I just want to watch anime)

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I made a proper anime girl, but my art thingy decided to crash.

What’s more; I haven’t saved it EVEN once.

Welp, gonna do it again. :slight_smile:

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Hear interesting can I see your art :wink:

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if you’re emo and you know it, draw an emo :musical_note:

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You saw it heh

you posted big version in lounge…



My hand and wrist are hurting now…

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Btw I am also designing my own character :wink:
This time I will use 200% of my hand :slight_smile:


Okay then. I’m just doing this for you probably. Also my first time drawing in PC while drawing serious, so basically my first time :V

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Thanks I am waiting :smiley:
(I totally forgot why I draw on pc…thanks for make me remember)

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Now, where’s your final drawing?

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