Off topic fanart place :b



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Day 2

day 3

Lol :v
Just I imagine or more I draw, my characters look like loli more






I made this when i was 12


Sensei I Back now my skills is better :smiley:
Now i can draw with mouse :slight_smile:

@cyanine sensei?
What do you think now?


where the hell have you been bro


Umm I go training …

  • why I can’t change my topic?(I just recognized “fanart”??? WTF is that?)


And you lost your Regular status




OK bye again :slight_smile:
I’m will go training more :slight_smile:
And by the way @cyanine what do you think of my new using mouse skills?


he forgot you lol…


That looks great considering you’re drawing that using a mouse.


I drew that storm trooper with mouse
Mouse = precision
Mouse not good using brush or pencil


By the way anyone want join my team?..


Lol :)))))


Good bye, I will go train my skills cya in jun :slight_smile:
Btw are cyanine still alive?


This looks like one of those “Visual Novel” games.


i am terrible in freehand drawing, i need pen / pencil and paper works gooddammit

Also what you did was WAY better than what you used to do, nice one