Off topic fanart place :b


both anime drawings looks like they belong in low budget anime

also no harm done, and offense

If you were to improve it, work on the Eye sizes, mouth shape and placement, and lastly, the face shape.

what have i don- Anyways, that’s just a test… Also made in MS Paint.


nICE THANKS :slight_smile:


I drew this since PlagueKnight has asked.

I already know its terrible xd


Face is okay, body is okay, and everything else is okay.

But there’s something that bugs me there, but I dunno what it is…


low quality


I want to have phone by that I don’t need to use paint to draw XD


@cyanine Master am I right?

I did right like what you said :slight_smile:




Is it ok now I draw it in some minutes :slight_smile:


What happen lul


A wizard challeged Rise Hum
Lol I have more than 15 different stories in my head with more than 300 charactes XD
Btw Is it ok now… ?
Bro @muhd_boci ?



Is it ok now?




Ok is it ok now -.-
I am serious -.-




1st drawing :

Is it a giraffe? :joy: The neck is very long, shorten it a bit.

Other than that, it’s okay… Maybe do a bit better on the eyes, but overall, looking good.

4/5 stars

2nd drawing :

This time, all the size came to the head, it’s too large for the neck. Also fix the eye length, this one looks weird and they’re not the same length.



Lol I left eye is copied from right eye how can they different XD
THanks btw :slight_smile:


I can see that, but you shortened it lol


Thanks for the tips bro :wink:
Because of you my skills is better :smiley:
Just some more tips I will become perfect HAHAHA :slight_smile:
Btw time to do home work :wink:


Ok just finished home work XD
Back to drawing :slight_smile: