Off topic fanart place :b


Ok it’s sucks…
EDIT: It’s place to share fanart not related to the game


I hate anime but u should change the shadow in his face abit


Ok :b I draw it with mouse thought… change will take long -.-



His mouth is a little big for a big sized hamburger
Change it no matter the cost xd it is worth doing


Draw one you’re so good at drawing I think you could make an awesome art even when you hate anime…


I wonder if someone made a sort of personification of supermechs mechs. Like someone holding a rocket launcher representing heat mechs :thinking:


I think his mouth is too big. He could just gulb a whole pancake in one go. :confused:


Still smaller than my sister mouth though…


That looks pretty good for something that was drawn using a mouse btw.


Is your sister a human
Or a vacuum


Go draw some real art you guys!!!
or this topic will become trash and be forgot after some days!!


Might as well using it for vaccuming the house. Eh? Nvm


I already did, gonna fill em here


You drew it before
Draw new one!!! :v


Wow that’s fast.



Lol no
They are old.


That hair seems hard
Solution: give him a hat so u dont have to draw the hair


Eyes problem, one is big, one is small.


Maybe there is nothing else to talk.
What is the topic ?


@rianma123 I did like your tip is it ok now?