Of Hackers and hacked


Today in general chat ask a player whose nickname is “Killa RxF” why and where he got the perk that enlarges the mech, since that perk is not yet available.

This player sent me a private message and said “Because I’m a hacker and the admins know it. I paid 150 tokens for this.” I replied that I was going to report it and he told me to report it, to send the mail, that the admins are aware of the matter and that he has paid for it.

From the formal point of view hacking is a crime, falls within the category of cybercrime. And it is also a damage to private property. So there is no reason for any hacker to feel like a champion, he is a delinquent.

But also, as said this person, this is being done with the complicity of the admins and for money. I honestly do not want to think so, I’d rather believe that the hacker lied to me. It’s hard to believe that someone sells their honesty for $ 2.30, which is what they cost 150 tokens.

It would also be a serious fault for all players who act in good faith.

That’s why I’d like to know if it’s true that admins (or some admin) charge for allowing hacking the game. Because this person said to me very loose of body, almost with pride by the “feat” (similar attitude to that ZION who is proud of his uncleanness), “I am hacker and the admins know, I paid 150 tokens by it”.

Rgds. Nancy


It can be that they “hack” or “exploit”

Hacking is of course, an illegal thing to do especially when it comes to higher establishments such as banks or the government. However, we’re in a game so the only thing the admins do to “hackers” is by banning them completely. So far I’ve met 2 hackers;Ryan Ramos (Somar Nayr)and the i-forgot-it name but what I remember is that he used 2 Needle Blasters 1 Mark 2 Wipeout and an Electron Defence. I’ve saw the giant perk on Cpt. Kill on their 2v2 with 907 NWA and It seems pretty harmless to the game atleast.

Exploits are bugs that are abused at the most by players who discovered the glitch. One glitch I knew in campaign was the Double-use-of-a-weapon-despite-being-already-used bug. By “really fast” clicking on the same weapon and it would do 2turns. It’s not always effective but it will on some occasions. Btw this bug has been fixed for some reason :stuck_out_tongue:


Good Morning.

Are you an admin or dev in this game?



Nancy they dont care. Plain as that :frowning:

Would take less than 10 minutes a day to take out cheat accounts but they will not even spend that amount of time on the game.

They should either do their job or get someone else to do it IMHO … Several people on here would do it for tokens lol

Its either that or THEY ARE THE CHEATS


Person was lying. I’m sure the developers will not stoop as low as accepting bribes to allow cheaters.

Not banning them however… well I’ll let you decide on that one. :wink:


Hello dear!

Two things … first: here is forgetting that this is a game where you make transactions with real money, through credit cards and other means of payment. You are no longer just a player, you are a customer. And as a customer, you have every right to claim that the product you are selling is in good condition.

The second, there is something that nobody has answered yet. Whoever calls himself Killa RxF has told me that he´s a hacker and that paid 150 tokens for it. I want to know if this is true, because if it´s true, then there is corruption here. And if it isn´t true, this person (because behind each nickname is a person with first and last name), is defaming gratuitously to the admins.

Rgds. Nancy.


Rumor i hear was fluffer was selling accounts idk


Enough of this false nonsensical stories HappyPoppers ~



A reply from the devs/admins would be nice. But even more some action being taken to fix this would be much better.


Can you explain how this player got this perk and why you allow it? Because that’s how the whole thing started …


I dont get it whats wrong with the pic…?


Giant mech perk.

That’s it.


He have giant perk that is not released yet


Ohhh i thought it was other player had tiny perk… i have “opponents perks disabled” so i never noticed.
Yea thats pretty stupid. He also has low level items and high fusion. Bit suspicious. Killa has been using several hacks like the clan ones, others wouldnt surprise me. If u guys could do something about that it would be nice.


These perks are not the real concern.

The main concern now would be the clan hijackers, one could easily join a high ranked clan and lose repeatedly to lower their rank.

The fusion cheat also needs to be patched.

But we all know nothing will be done about all these… as usual.


The problem is that according to Killa says someone is selling these items that are not yet for sale …

Everything else seems like a children’s prank, but it’s no longer a prank when it involves money :unamused:


You need to understand… you are on the internet. Killa is just trying to get your attention with false stories and looks like he succeeded. :stuck_out_tongue:

He may be a cheater, yes… BUT the part about straight up paying an administrator/developer for a hack/unreleased item is complete bull.


I bet he is admin :frowning:


Thank u mr. Flux for your clear response, It seems that you know in some way that it is a Chinese story made in Killa, but… I would have liked to read from some admin, at least a “we will investigate”. Because the fact is in sight and nobody seems to know how it got.


It looks like he is using a Perk that was never released.
I will tell the team.

FYI - We do not help hackers, cheaters. All reports that we received are investigated. Sometimes they are an easy fix and sometimes they take the team time to investigate. But they are ALL taken seriously.