Odd fact, Did you know that fish can drown


When people drown , their bodies are deprived of oxygen because their lungs fill with water rather than air. Fish obtain their oxygen from air that is dissolved in the water in which they swim. … Oxygen diffuses into the fish through their gills, so if there is not enough air, they drown .


Yep I knew it so they need keep breathing or…


Every living being breathes.
Of course fish need to breathe lol. But they do it differently than land animals.


But did you know that there are certain anaerobic bacterias that do not require oxigen to survive?
(Oxigen in its gas form or in liquid,along with Hydrogen)
They live by decomposing matter and get their nutrients doing it.


Actually,there is a life form that not only does not breathe,but it can live independently from oxigen alltogether!
Deep in the Mediterranean,scientists have discovered complex animals known to live without oxygen.
It’s some kind of subaquatic flea,living in the bottom of the sea,where there is little to no oxigen,no light and insane pressure.
Uuh,scaaary :slight_smile:


Not all animals breathe air. I breathe salt.


That isn’t true, certain bacteria and parasites don’t need to breathe.


I didn’t know that

Did you know that fish is spelled fush?
gud lol.


I will study microorganisms even more.

Then I will return and defeat you with my superior intellect.




i trained my fish to throw rock when they are hungry, now they wake me up 4 am almost every night


Actualy Drowning is a cause of death only reserved for animals that have Lungs.
Fish dont have lungs, they have gills.
So if you want a real cause of death is Lack of O2.
That is both found in fish and also in lung equipes animals.
Lack of O2 is one of the most horrible ways to die.
So tehnicaly fish cant drown.
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