OD FARM progress little by little

under 1 mil hes poor qaf

Imagine having 3 EFA’s in less than 4 months and not even levelling up a single one…


he has no good items for it.
unless he dual desos but still

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I woulda made a dual deso right away

L4K3, well, first of all I am an old person 50+ and actually a busy man. I leave my home at 6:00am and back post 8:00pm, Now, I have 3 PC, I notepad and 2 phones. I play 7 acc of those 5 daily at the same time and 2 on an off. When I farm one I farm all together so the time it is relative the same at home 40min after set up.
My public primary acc it is OKI DOKI and that one it is 7 months almost and this week will be 8 months. Eh, some top guns in top clans know me from start and play with them and chat every week and seen the progress of my acc. That acc it is now L225 with an inventory of 511 capacity of 525 right now with boxes not opened. From that acc and a no public acc on chats or forum I learned the basics and got my way in my own way how to do things faster farming for O.D. FARM and others acc of course need to farm as much possible.
About the the 24/7. Well I have played the acc every single day without fail no less the 5 win and one time farm full energy since open.
It is simple, as WTFriday indicate farming it is simple. Just press auto and the game do the same and you know that better than me for years. I am first generation true electronic game player since the early 70’s so do the math of games I had played and know till today without stop playing but right now I play this one. I do not have the longevity playing the game or be part of clans that generate lot of gold or get good stuff on wars etc so the only way to move forward is the base of the game, farm farm farm.

As much you farm more boxes, more possibilities to get an item desired and else. About buying stuff, in reality I have good tokens on disposition but I have not been a buyer till just recently some items. I play titan and else but not war and get the rewards premium boxes or whatever. I make legends from epics. If you saw my storage in OD FARM it show what I do. Save epics and from them make legends and use base in proper way analyzing how to use and balance budget.
I am not a top player, I just farm as much possible and the mech rank themselves little by little without rushing. :upside_down_face:


That’s still not possible to level up that much in under 4 months without buying many refuels

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no ur just high. but i could get level 200 in a week if i had infinite refills and able to farm od6 insane

he wouldnt have to refill my guy 4 months is alot


You wrong. it is totally possible if you farm and watch the commercials and properly manage to use your epics. I like to keep 2-3 epics max out for legend conversion and make legends and keep 1 legend minimun max out for myth almost all the time. commercials give epics all the time, farming give you many too. No need to buy just farm and commercials. Impossible you have not figure out that and properly mage your energy bars. that it is dumb dumb. Do you time your energy bars properly and mines or let them all the time to top themselves. I sleep, work, eat and have life too but I have a phone in my bed, or break time at work and friends talking and pushing a bottom in auto dahhh. :smirk:

My fuel is almost never max

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Sorry man, I do not even know what the heck you talk about buying energy bars. I do not see that option in the game. Can you please explain about it? My acc have a cap of 82 and that it is it. Leveling up give extra bars so further the level more bars available as storage plus arena shop item to be level up. As far I know it is all I can do about energy bars. If you have another ways to get energy bars then I do this even faster but if is about to pay for them, that will be dumb dumb when I get that free.

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buying refills for 30 tokens

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Istg, I buy refills almost daily and I haven’t hit 200 yet

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Okay,now that I can believe.

But the 5 daily wins and one refuel,I do daily (if not more fuel).That’s the part I don’t believe.
With the base,with just one regen on your fuel cap every day,it seems a bit off.

But it’s fine :blush:
Don’t get me wrong.I just think you’re underestimating your farming time.And you have so many top-tier L-Ms,too.

In a twelweth of the time spent,wow.

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Now,may I be natural?

When a man has to make such a a long and detailed explanation,making perfect sense and all…That’s when you know that he’s either keeping something hidden,lying or both.

You know how else you can sniff it?One does not ever answer things he hasn’t been asked.If you want to stay credible,you stick to the main course;there are people that know about tactics that go like ‘‘fill their heads with details’’ ‘‘change the subject’’ ‘‘add personal info to incline them to subjectivity and empathy’’ and so on.

My very nature is based on manipulation but,unlike many others of my kind,I don’t lie.But nobody stops me from telling half of the truth,exactly the thing that you did and for which I can’t but feel obliged to end my part in the thread with this reply.

In the same order,when you make such a detailed explanation while keeping something away,you’re inevitably going to nail 99% of the details but screw up on one,which will be the exact drop of water that dips the flame.

One refuel and 5 wins a day for 3.5 months for that gear is impossible.Too many quality drops and numerous duplicates as well.You should not have talked about the time spent farming.

Just the thoughts of a sinner like me.I wish you good luck on your builds and an awesome and sunny day,my friend (it’s almost summer,enjoy the spring while you still can;go outside a bit).

This reminds me of the Adashoffire case,who has a sponsorship with Ts,giving him the drops he was asking for in an attempt to change our mindset and attitude.
Miserable failure,like any other attempt they tried to pull that had to do with manipulation.



I really do not know what it is that or how come the energy bar option to buy. I do not see the option on my acc to buy energy just gold that never did, tokens of course done it very rare to used maybe 7 times so far, mechs to be buy never did, painting never done, premium boxes just few times for an item drope rate never got, and 3 times 30 days premium acc since I play every day but just in OKI DOKI no other acc. For OD FARM tried few times for an item never got, and like 4-5 items offers like yesterday.

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click on fuel when you dont have max

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again, 3.5 moths 5 wins a day, raid, titan, farm and farm. there is no other way unless you know tricks since you are old school here. I do not know about manipulation thing you talk about and I have no clue what the heck you talk about it. this is a game, log in play what it is there. if you know tricks I guess it is illigal right? seems to me you know tricks been here long term in my case just months. Ask to some top rankers in some top clans that are currently there. mention OKI DOKI or mention my name in the chats. I wont tell names figure out by yourself. I said the truth I

It’s not worth arguing this.


Didn’t say anything about tricks and…

I clearly made a good choice using these words.

I’m out of here.

A side note as an edit:
I usually used the excuse of ‘‘Hey,ask my mates over there,come on,they’ll tell you’’ when I was full of bull,too.It’s the clarification that you don’t want to be asked anything anymore and wanna pass the subject.

I’ll grant your wish;I have a Prison Break to watch anyways.

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