OD FARM progress little by little

Hi ladies and gentleman

This is my acc 3.5 months old opened last mid-Feb post base.

I will like to know what kind of build you will like to make if you have only this limited inventory at disposition. Give your best shot in phys, heat or energy. Just pick one of your preference style and why?
I am not looking to make or re-make a mech, just for fun to see what will you make giving your best shot with this limitations. About plates, had too many as the other parts so meat them. I get them all the time. :innocent::hamburger:



I use this with tonto


and how tf do you have 2 level 1 plat plats that arnt upgraded?!!?!?!?!?

how long did you have this account?

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RNGsus loves this kid


WTFriday, Hey thx for the so fast response. Well, short history, gold limitations, base enable, setting up side phys mech when got parts to at list maintain a rank 10 so when I got the plates had to hold back for modules having in mind different type of mechs. It is just 3.5 months so limitations are big. About the TONTO, yes I know. I set up the solar for testing knowing range won’t be right. Tonto converted to legend but not upgrated.


no the solar torch works good

in my intro in this topic indicated 3.5 motnhs. I opened post base installation as test subject instead to change my primaries acc’s.

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it was more of a how tf does rngsus love you so much then a me asking

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CRUSHERMARK3, yes this acc O.D.FARM was opened in last mid FED 2020.

also these 2 mechs will work wonders for you.
they are the mechs I have/ are working on right now

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I put wrong grapple but still

Your set up was my original set up when I was starting parts at epic level. I changed a bit for testing ground messing around. let see current set up.

My account is 3.5 years old.

And you’re telling me that,in 3 and a half months,WITH the base that slows down your upgrading process so badly,you got to one level higher than me and have this much (quality) gear?

Just…Wow,you’re a lucky and hard-working dude.I bet you got good drops every few days and played 24/7 (unless you spent money).


farming od6 aint that hard. and 1 week after being able to farm insane od6 i bet i could get lvl 199.
spending tokens on od6 is worth it ngl
for the loot part rngsus loves him


also are you pay to win?

There’s no way he’s f2p. With that gear, in that amount of time, and all of those tokens it’s literally impossible. That account has better drops than my 2 year old account and I don’t even have base. (also a few levels higher than my account, and way bigger inventory cap)


is that fucking 5 digit tokens?
explain @OKIDOKI
hes a rich boy


The better question is how much money

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