Obituary for Heat Mechs

I’m sorry to again bring up a topic that is probably already all over the forum, but I feel that this needs to be discussed yet again.

I am a heat build player, and it is now becoming quite painful to play this game. Heat weapons are completely useless at higher ranks due to the widespread availability of, and easily obtainable heat/energy engines, and any player being able to pack this on thick. This is not the same for HP Platinum plates, which of course renders heat builds useless against physical builds with over 300 heat and decent cooling. By the time you heat up a mech with even 300 heat, you’ve already lost 80-90% of your HP, its just a totally moot exercise in most cases.

Then there’s energy builds. These are obviously favoured by, and most likely used by the SM team, and they have overpowered them, whilst giving the middle finger to heat. Physical, by the nature of their build, most often don’t care about energy, but heat mechs need it for the vast majority of the readily obtainable (generic) weapons. And on top of the ridiculous OP energy weapons, they go and create that curse-to-mechkind Face Shocker!

In all seriousness, this situation cannot be denied. Even if I pack on 350 energy, and 2000 HP, I get the heat kicked out of me by any decent energy build.

If this doesn’t change soon then you’re going to effectively kill off heat mech players. As it is they are the scarcest mechs around in levels 6-3, and not very popular beyond that. The only heat users in the 1-2 rank range most definitely have HP plates, which are an absolute must given the ridiculous weakness of the weapons.

Then you laugh behind our backs whilst giving us the new nerf gun called Vandal Rage. And I know you put a lot of though into the name, cause that is the real life effect of using that weapon on your heat mech - You go into a rage from getting trounced on, and then vandalise and wreck the stuff around you.

Seriously SM, if you want to put the challenge and fun back into this game for everyone, and not just yourselves, then you need to fix this bias mess. At the moment Heat can only generally play against Heat. Where’s the fun in that?

Any HONEST player will agree with the above, Yes, you may have lost to heat a few times, but you are trashing us the most. Admit it please.

P.S. Just to add, I have played many ‘premium heat weapon’ builds just today. I trashed them just with Desolation and Supreme Cannon and a Mercy. Yes, my heat was higher than theirs, but those other weapons just can’t cope. All nerf guns! After a while, all the heat players had disappeared. All getting decimated in the arena no doubt. Very sad!

Let’s see what public opinion holds…

  • Heat is terrible.
  • Heat is balanced. Leave it as it is.
  • Heat is overpowered.

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No offense man, but this is completely wrong.


Its the heat valiant sniper, pretty much-

-20 shields
-45 cooling

What’s the Regen? You have to clarify. Maybe you just suck.

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Who is trashing you the most? Energy mechs or physical mechs?

Heat mechs can counter both energy and physical mechs, by taking away turns and rendering them useless. If you have good weapons, this is the case.

They (heat/energy engines) are not actually easy to obtain. People grind for a long time for those, or buy tokens.

I do not think that heat weapons are useless, but maybe you have like C-E ones.

I don’t think that the SM team would intentionally destroy a category of mechs and “laugh” about it.

Use beam weapons if this doesn’t work. Or use an energy free build to counter energy mechs.

Regen 150. Most energy and Physical mechs in ranks 4 through 2. And just before you mention it, there is no amount of tactics to counter it.

My HP is generally around 2000, Heat is around 550/250 and energy 350/140. Cannot sacrifice HP or heat for more energy, I have tried it, don’t make a difference except maybe last one more turn. Valiant sniper and beam weapons take it all anyway. The heating process takes just too long as opposed to the energy sapping process. With a heat mech, you can only adjust for countering one build type. The rest can counter 2 build types. UNLESS OF COURSE YOU HAVE THE PLATINUM PLATE, which 98% of players do not have.

@MikeTheRobot you should really try to post one reply at a time. You can split quotes in the same answer, we are not on whatsapp here. It’s a pain to read through so many replies :sweat_smile:

I just have one complaint about Heat: we don’t have a 2-4 non premium weapon, and that’s the biggest drawback for us.


what is your torso and module stats?

My mech is full mythical including mods, except of course for this crappy and heavy Iron Plates. Maybe lighten the weight of these as a balancing measure?

I only use items once they are at least at lvl45 myth.

I never use hp plates for any of my mechs. I concentrate mostly on the torso and the weapons. When I get a platinum I put it on, cause its rare. But just max the weapons before you complain.

The one thing I would agree with in this thread is that damage heaters are underpowered.

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These are two configs that use frequently, plus mash up of different mod configs with each, depending on the arena environment.

yeah. HP is good, but my shit physical mech has more energy.

Just get more energy; the hp in my opinion isn’t important (if energy mechs are the problem).

Over the hundreds of matches that I have played in ranks 4-2, you generally cannot last as a heat leach with less than approx 2000HP. The weapons don’t do enough damage, or even heat fast enough. They are pathetic.

You could try a different approach by damaging max heat and regen.