:O the universe will come to an end


Jesus Christ, this is super weird, something has to be happening with the universe.
Two epics in a box :open_mouth:


Do You have a smart phone?


Lol I used to get 3 epics in a mix box.


No, I`m playing on pc


Hmm… I know if you have no add block on pc, you can watch adds in getting an extra items, yet never works for my laptom when I pause the add block. So I play on my phone.


Nah boy that’s normal, a Mix Pack is literally just 5 Mix Boxes, but reduced to only 1 click of a button.

Also, getting 1 Epic out of it is normal, as well as 2, as well as 3, as well as… 10 Epics. (Yep, it’s possible.)


if one day I get 10 epicas in a pack of 5 mix boxes … I think it would break time and space and create an interplanetary paradox : O


Stop trying to sound smart… It doesn’t make yoooouuuu sound smart… It makes you sound dumb. For trying to sound smart… So stop…
It was a musical number in my head that sounded good…


Wtf bro you are crazy. I only say nonsense


That is not weird…I have gotten 2 epics countless times…


the “p.m.” part on the bottom right of your screenshot triggers me :grimacing:




bcuz i usually see it as “PM” on my screen if im on a pc

well that and i usually just capitalize the AM PM stuff


Who said that universe ends?


That’s happens to me like 70% of the time.


not long after the 5 boxes were released, i got 4 epics, 5 rares, and the rest common lol. best 5 boxes i had