Nvm I got it. I know what to do now

Coming up with a heat build that focuses on draining the cooldown.
Any tips?

Here’s my build so far:

And for those who ask “Isn’t your laptop broken?”. I’m currently in safe mode and still trying to figure things out.



Legs:Devouring Paws/Scorching feet

Weapons:Dual VR, Corrupt Light


Modules:3 heat engines, 1 CMB, 2 energy engines, 1 EMB, 1 armor plate.


Hook and teleport, no charge; mythical Murmur drone. Damage/cooling destroyer type. Very effective :smile:

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if you wanna focus on cool-down then you need 2 vandal rage, i’d also recommend at least 1 corrupt light and (if) you every find an abomination or a heat weapon that pushes or maybe the physical weapon that does 3 push (can’t remember the name) you should definitely have at least 1 energy module and 2 heat modules the least, get a teleport module, and for drone something that takes away cool-down too like duskmaker (phy) or a heat drone that also takes cool-down

having 2 corrupt lights would help you get your opponent over-heated and the dual vandals should deal 92 cooling damage once myth, not to mention the shields they take away already

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