Nukes vs Shields Updated

Anyone else had thought about a nuke destroying a shield or at least decrease its ticks remaining?

You’re attacking someone and he has 12 ticks shield and you have a nuke going for his colony and it could decrease the shield by 3 ticks, now he has 9 ticks remaining… It could give nukes more power it deserves to have against colony, as just not kill the poor workers.

  • Yes, Nukes should decrease shields by 2 ticks.
  • Yes, Nukes should decrease shields by 3 ticks.
  • Maybe with some tweaks, Opinions?
  • No, it could be abused… Send 10 nukes, no shield for him.
  • Spies decrease shield counts by 2-3 ticks.

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Edit: It when Shield is activated already as colony under attack. Not just charged.

Had to put up a new topic to add a new option for @Psi @Dane @youssefkh @Carter @Chucky @TheAmazingMrO


idk where I stand on this lol, this idea is cool as hell but nukes are already hella op


I think it’s too op as anyone can rush building nukes before tick 100 but my alternative idea is introducing a new spy attack that cuts the shield ticks in half or even down to 1 tick.

Well, I’m with the ones that shield is like the last structure (I don’t use ions). And nukes on early game against enemies is rare, mainly on the enemies colonies. It would give another meaning to nukes on wars to the offensive part.

That could work too, I’ll try to add on the pool

Tweak, nuke hits, damages shield, but it does it the same as it allocates radiation. RNG based. It could take off anywhere from 1-3 ticks off shield (or more if so be it). Kind of a balancing tool to the idea, same as lockdown being RNG.

edit: the radiation amount and the ticks taken off shield dont have to be the same


A spy attack that decreases shields would be cool, but only 3 ticks? How about the entire sheild :stuck_out_tongue:

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I really don’t like it, I feel like people are just suggesting random needless changes these days just because they can.

i think its a great idea waiting on a shield for 12 hours on a 1 ticker really takes its toll
plus some times shields delay wars for too long it isnt making shields any less useless but I do disagree with the spy attack its rather rare in big wars (thats when shields matter) that an agent would be sitting on a colony

I’m torn here honestly. I love the idea of nukes being more viable (as imo, they are pretty weak against any decent teams), BUT at the same time, this idea favors the attackers. And I think attackers already have enough advantages and it’s the defenders that need more options. The fact that nukes can already bypass shields I think is already a pretty big advantage. I’ll hold on my vote for now. See if some people can make some more justifications

I agree as I am more of a defensive player as well. Maybe along with my suggestion could come with a balancing option to have an additional action introduced as well that could be performed on our own colony (much like scanning incoming or adding spy protection) that could extend an activated shield for 3 ticks for maybe 200e and a cooldown of 36 ticks?

I don’t find anything wrong with that. New ideas from the community have led to some awesome features over the years. If you don’t like it that’s fine, but no need to hate on the posting of ideas :d

We all love BD deep down (haha jk), and it’s great that people wanna think up ways to improve it, even though sometimes, you’re right, they are random and probably not in the best intrest for Alex to add.