Nukes Give Xp?!?


What if units that are hit by a nuke are granted Xp after they reach full health?

  • Yes good idea.
  • Anon is stupid and doesnt know what he is doing.

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I’m not quite sure the reasoning for this suggestion? Why would you want xp to be granted to someone who got nuked in the first place? I see that as basically rewarding bad play (you got hit by a nuke and so you then get rewarded for not evading).


It would force the other team to kill the army as soon as possible.Otherwise it gets stronger by the tick


Why didnt you add a poll? Smh


My thought however is this. For someone who doesn’t have R4 or R5 yet, they let their army get hit purposefully to gather the xp boost, then dodge with their army safely for the next few hours while the enemy chases them aimlessly for however long trying to kill them. I feel this instead makes nukes more useless than they currently are against high level teams. Higher level teams don’t use nukes to hit armies (or at least, not with the intention of the nuke actually landing kills) but instead to force movement of enemy armies or to destroy high priority OPs on the frontlines. Now, you gotta worry about hitting armies with nukes as you may give your enemy an edge? That seems counter intuitive to me in terms of strategy. I don’t like my enemy getting any sort of advantage from their own mistakes.

Also why I hate that an enemy can disband their army on a trapped OP and still gain workers back from it.


What kinda weird ass xp farm is that, does xp stand for radiation exposure? Mutations?


this is xp for plebs


when you get hit by a nuke, all your units, including armors, become r5. gud idea


a better idea is that when you get conquered you are granted immediate r5 on the next units you make :smiley:


Yeah hey man can you plant for my team and conquer us all so we can all build a squad of r5 early game? Sweet thanks


only noobs build troops tick 1


When im rly bored, i just build like 5 squads of r5 tanks tick 1


as long as you are conquered you make R5. but if you become unconquered you go back to making boring ole r3


going by this logic; next time someone’s base get nuked, please increase the productivity of the workers. Yep. I would get nuked all the time :slight_smile: