Nuke rounds up or down?


So, a nuke kills 10% of all units at a location. But if 10% is not a square number, is the amount rounded up or down? And what is the highest point value at which it rounds down or lowest at which it rounds up?


the kill always rounds up. (i think)

therefore 1 unit hit with a nuke will die.


Everything in bd rounds down. Your nuke will kill 0 workers on a colony with 9. SP infl gets rounded down when halved. Same with nuke unit kills and 50% spy hp damage


The one unit one kill is hard coded to work that way(most likely)


pretty sure ive had 0 workers from nukes though


Hmmm if thats true I have bad info then. Now I’m curious. @Alexander enlighten us


Nukes cant bring your worker count to 0 it will limit it to 1.
As far as i remember


Correction: nukes cant kill workers if your worker count is lower then 10.


Based on this, you proved that inf arent as good as tanks. Since each tank costs 3 inf, if the nuke does only enough damage to take out 2 inf, it doesnt do a thing to a tank squad that is worth the same amount since it would round down.


Inf heal the fastest. So if your tanks get nuked you wait 23 ticks for your armour to heal.
but inf heal in 7


You trust the wiki :rofl:


Somewhat ,though they are outdated for the past 5 years


If you hit 1 unit or 15 units, you kill 1 unit with the nuke.
And I’ve nuked colonies to 0 workers before. It’s extremely hard and honestly, the person doing the nuking loses MUCH more in resources trying to keep a person at 0 workers than the person being nuked (as they’ll get more workers from base growth every day). In order to nuke someone to 0 workers, you usually need to have double nukes (launch with 24 tick delay and launch again) in a constant stream hitting every 4-5 ticks for about a week.

That alone (and this is if you want them to be 0 workers SLOWLY) costs 300 energy a day and 600 metal. So that’s a lot of converting because god knows you don’t get that energy income in a day.