Now what the hell is this?


Nope the problem is :

I chose the wrong mech first. It was going to be Drainer but then seeing his mech I switched to Counter… Then he switched to Energy, which means he IS scared a bit… Right?

Also by the way I have faced some builds like his Heat Claw, some have died and some have lived due to stupid RNG.


how did you get that emoji that big?


It’s an image, copied from somewhere. Not an actual emoji from the emoji pad


A few seasons ago when the season reset…I had just made it back to rank 4 and my first match into rank 4 was against Rovolution…and obviously he’s a solid top rank 10-20 player…much respect


well the only problem you might have had to faced was the deso, other than that i dont see any other energy free weapon, plus the emp could have insta drained it


Working as intended.

Now, go out there and out spend, I mean, out play them.


Desolation, and 2 Magma Blasts that guy has… Also Clash.

But the good thing is, my Heat-Counter is also a Physical Counter, so it can take a lot of hits before going down, as well as 2-3 Heat Bombs.





wouldnt want to mess with you once i get to your rank :sweat: