Now what the hell is this?


caption - When the game REALLY hates you :


rank4 vs rank1 ? matching system broken, i am facing some rank 2 guys too nowadays.


Omg! That’s rough…

Ranked 1 player…


It’s called a Mythical Resistant



I “love” your effort to be “funny”.


Wasn’t trying to be funny, It’s seriously a Mythical Protector


I meant that why the hell did I meet a Rank 1, not some silly Protector from your “Book of how to be funny 101”.


Oh, Didn’t see that Rank difference, Though What’d you expect from SM? A rank 7?


No, a Rank 5-3, and not some Rank -1.


True… Anyways, have fun playing this totally balanced game


It’s ong.
Respect him.


Ong, not only rank 1, steady top 10 (thats a big difference), i have been relieved when he joined HtK, didnt have to face him anymore.
Extremely dangerous player, with a mutli type line up if i remember well.


I actually chose the wrong mech first (Energy Mech first), then afterwards switched to Counter…

… Then he switched to his Energy :expressionless:

I quit after that knowing I"ll never win that sh*t… “Maybe” that is.


He also has quite the OP phys…


The same as yours? Hell no then.


If im correct (dont remember), its a 2600ish hp build with standard weaponry (spartan, nf, mercy), and some res. That one should be quite sensible to an emp phys build…




Still not better when I’m in rank 12 and searching for a 2v2 battle,I faced vicarious from reign who is rank 3 at the time


he seems easy to beat
that 200+ energy cap is easy, just 2 shots


The cap really is, the problem are some weapons of him free of energy, just heat ‘-’