Now SuperMechs going to suck even worse....thanks fluffeh

How you guys feel about new rule ?

I alway like the trash talk…for me that was 30 to 50% of the fun.


Well, glad to hear someone liked it. Half the people involved didn’t. But you can always just invite the sides to a PM thread?


Yay this is going to be great new rules yay

i feel mostly good about it since now i dont have to witness people calling each other super mean names
but… i feel like we do have to point out cheaters and scammers just so everyone in the forums can know

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hmm… :thinking::thinking::thinking:

And what happens if you follow the corresponding way, it´s obvious that you are right and don´t receive any response from the administrators or responsible?

Because it happened to me. I was and still am a victim of bullying, spam in the game chat and nickname impersonation in order to accuse me of spam. And I formally requested that my content in the game not be published on a player’s YouTube private channel with the purpose of monetizing and making fun.

I presented my case in a private conversation with proof screenshots, where I invited developers, moderators and administrators and only got a response from Alexander. The situation didn´t change. I had and I have the impression it was a waste of time.

So … what is the way you should follow when you feel you are right, but you don´t get favorable or unfavorable answers?

Or perhaps bullying, spam, and monetization of your content are allowed?

Where should I go and what should I do if don´t get a response from administrators?


Looking for an answer to this annoying situation, I was googling a bit and I found something in googleplay about claims … a section where it says something like “what response did you receive from the developers” … great! But what happens when you don´t receive any response and the situation doesn´t change? Who or where should I go?


Who do we send reports of abuse of the rules to ? Asking for a friend


To Sarah, of course

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So basically, Don’t be a dick?


like how to pop zits??..:rofl:

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I feel like that i am safer.

But i can’t swear.

@Alexander @Fluffeh do these rules apply to the BD side of the forums tooo? Cause you know how it is with BD. They blame each other for everything

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Rip bestof and her fights :joy:

Officially: Yes.

Unofficially: I don’t really care so long it doesn’t get out of hand. But if people start a witch hunt, we’ll put a stop to it. If it’s just some trash talk, some talk about teams or such, we’re not really concerned for BD. BD players tend to be fairly chill about it, it doesn’t really get to the point SM does. But yeah, if you make a topic or consistently burn down a particular player in BD, we’ll do something about it. But, it’s never really been much of a problem, I think it only happened once on the new forums, and I don’t expect it to happen again.

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If you find you’re having trouble getting ahold of the appropriate person to take care of the situation, you can feel free to try and reach out to the mods. However, regardless, the issue still goes to the same people. The only difference is someone else will be reaching out about the same issue.

Truthfully, when you raise hell here on the forums by calling out witch hunts, it’s not getting taken care of any quicker. It just seems like it’s being taken care of because you’re occupying the same wait time with complaints and arguing. We’re still waiting on the same people to deal with the issue. The only thing that’s happening is a toxic negativity is simultaneously being spread on the forum while we continue to wait for the right people to deal with the situation (so basically, you’re making our moderator’s have to deal with NEW issues because of something THEY can’t do anything about themselves). So simply put, we’re putting a hard stop to this behavior. It is in no way beneficial to the community, nor the individuals involved. It really just becomes a stress reliever for the frustrated while harming the community as a whole.


And what happens when you start a private topic, you, moderators and administrators, and you don´t receive any response to your case.

And while the bullying and spam in the game continues.

Who do you have to go to then to put a stop to that situation?

And don´t tell me Sarah … because Sarah was also in the private conversation, but she never said anything or did anything about it.

It takes two hands to clap …just sayin’

I think the new rule will bring more harmony to the forum, as everyone now needs to tread carefully.

In-game is another story …all’s fair in love and war.


While you beeing on the other side… find it acceptable?
Asking for a friend…
Further more “trash talk”… allowed… that sounds like hostile enviorment to me…
Negativity spreads nehativity… so i heard.

I was subjected to it myself for a while, but:

  1. I made peace with the person in question.
  2. It was challenging to a degree.
  3. I’m a big boy.
  4. It’s a strategy game, whereby psychological warfare could be deemed part of the ‘strategy’.
  5. “it’s only game, why you heff to be mad?”
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