Now its UNCLAIMED Boxes


I win cards, says is going to UNCLAIMED BOXES, but is not. Each day I play this game there is some feature that craps out. Anyone else experience this on windows version?


Yes, I’ve experienced this too.

So I normally just keep track of my item count now.


Yep, Exactly. Thanks Fluxeon. Just sux. Just started today, worked fine in the past. Oh well.


Also keep in mind you CAN NOT trust the UNCLAIMED boxes area if you have to many boxes in there already. There seems to be an unknown limit that isn’t mentioned anywhere but I’m here to warn you there is a limit which I already hit.
The boxes go in but they don’t come out like a roach motel,
once your page refreshes BOOM ALL over the limit boxes GONE (840 boxes area) I got it up to 860 during that Flame sniper portal but lost them all back down to 840.


Dang GameSmasher, 840 Boxes, WOWskers. I was right at the limit, & indicated would go to UNCLAIMED BOXES (which would make just 1 unclaimed box) i continued play & got another box - same thing, so after the 2nd box I went & checked & of course there were none.>>>>What I don’t get is why the game has some new bug each day, like it’s falling apart…? Weird. Man, you got some serious booty backlogged.


@Sarah247 helo byutiful, can u pls look into this? Is there a limit on unclaimed boxes? Thank you

SM devs cutting boxes

Im currently on 501 unclaimed boxes. I’ll be reaching 800 in 1-2 days. I dont want to start losing boxes.


I HOPE these are all just bugs as they are getting aggravating

Boxes I have that I’ve tested each one and can no longer keep past the UNKNOWN LIMIT!
5 Arena Rank 5 (Each new one I get every week goes POOF lost 3 so far)
105 Silver (Each new one I bought approx 30 went POOF)
8 Premium (Haven’t tried buying any for obvious reasons aka POOOOF!)
1 Premium PACK (Haven’t tried buying any for obvious reasons aka POOOOF!)
690 Unclaimed Box (Each new ones I get every day and I get a lot goes POOF)
40 Fortune Box (Each new one I got every day goes POOF - I’m no longer trying for them as I’ve lost at least 10 already some from the New Item Portal - Flaming Scope)
Total 849

For anyone using this unclaimed tab STOP BUYING Silver boxes to keep you from hitting the limit sooner than later.
Arena Boxes and Fortune boxes are more worthy at this time.

:rage: Guess freakin what also gets deleted FUEL!
If you try to save up fuel from the 20 per day we get it too goes POOF if you go over the UNKNOWN LIMIT. Mine is 120/59 because I just had 20 from 2017.12.09 it showed 140/59 refreshed browser and POOF back to 120/59


Why don’t you use that 3 million gold to fuse some stuff away so you’ll able to make the inventory limit? And you’ll be able to open these boxes.


that is wierd, but i want that to happen, sounds cool but bad.


Well im on 850 boxes now. Monitoring it.


Lol what if theres only a chance the box will go to your inventory? Kinda like how theres a very small chance you will get a legendary or achance to get a box from a mission or you might not, what if theres a chance that the box disappears and its all part of the game? Wouldnt be surprised


Also your daily bonus boxes (6 silver, 2 premium, 1 power kit) PER month won’t stay in your unclaimed either including any box you get from weekly Arena battles box.

I wouldn’t risk buying any premiums either till you empty out the whole mess.


I hope there’s a chance where my account can get deleted. :slight_smile:


dude, now that is serious.


LMAO the way it’s going it has possibilities, it may be in the same category of the chance for getting legendary death strike .00000025