Now impossible to complete campaign in one go


Now I realize that it is very difficult to complete the last campaign mission hard/insane in “ONE GO with no kits,” even though I have not reached it. So with the topic I posted a while back, we’ll see if I can complete it in one try ( Maybe with kits, yet not so sure without them. I have completed all “hard side” missions and only revived myself twice in the last two side hard missions in hard mode.

Here is what your up against. The mechs have more hitpoints, higher heat bar more over 200. I saw a GodMode with over 1400 hitpoints.

So, question right now for everyone: How far are you right now in the campaign or have you finished it?
I have not finished it. I only finished all hard side missions and finish both Dry Lands and Scavenger Pass in both HARD and INSANE mode.

With those campaign battle credits we have to use slows me down now. The battle credits are actually cool, yet I don’t think we still get enough after the change of 15 to 20. Yet, I don’t know. I kind of like that. Keeps me away from the campaign. Make it better that way. You can enjoy the campaign slowly instead of doing it in ONE DAY and not complaining about nothing to do.

So will keep up to date about the campaign.

New Version is Out - Hard and Insane modes!

This is why i winked when i said do it without kits lol


now at danger zone with all insane side quest made -.-:rabbit:-.-

the plan is end the campaing without spend tokens for fuel on 2 days… maybe 3…


now there is hard and insane mods; the will need “insane mythicals” that cost insanely many tokens.

later they will come up with “mission impossible” modes ,parts 1,2,3. come on increasing difficulty just means tinkering with numbers on the stats: has enemy a.i improved; like will they do a really unexpected set of moves so that they will win a match they were about to lose

big numbers on our enemy: we need bigger guns(i.e more damage)


You can use a lot of different type of weapons in completing the campaign of hard/insane. It’s a matter of knowing how. Here is a list of weapons, torso and legs, not mythicals, that you can use.

Here is what is recommended.
Galaxus Model B
Galaxus Model C

Cannon Feet
Mountain Feet
Fire Stampede
Steel Stampede

Inferno Mark II
Grenade Launcher Mark III
Heat Desolver Mark II
Hell Force
Blue Shreddar Beam
Twin Termination
Big Bright Blaster
Rear Heat Hit Mark

You can beat most of the campaign in Hard and Insane until you finish "Silent Waters,"with these weapons. Once you get to the “Frozen Abyss” it will get more difficult in Hard/Insane battles, which will probably take more than 2 tries.

(Advice: If you think you cannot beat a certain mech, especially a GodMode with over 1100 HitPoints, reload page in campaign level. You will get a different mech to battle.)

Here is a good, old school built, mech posted before in other topics.


I reached lost valley final boss on insane, and now I’m stuck, I have a full heat mech dealing 160 heat when I get nice and close but now they just cool down with 164 heat and deal 100 or more damage in one go overheating even me, If anyone wants to see I can make a video showing you my setup and how hard it is now.