Now available for PC

Now you can watch a video / article for 20% more HP in campaign and watch a video / article for premium rewards for a arena fight. And watch a video for / article for 2 tokens. On PC! Yeah, it has been here for a couple of days.

Except the fact that on PC it tends to glitch out, so it’s safer to do this on mobile.


For me it works fine on PC (atm), maybe they fixed something :exclamation:



For me too, the articles (ONLY, no vids! Also just scroll down to the very bottom to get rewards xd) are fine, no glitches or anything.

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On my Pc its like I was reading the article than its like u can claim your reward than it like please wait then I waited for 1 hour

I just enter the article, wait 1 sec and then return to SM.

As you say.

Mine is just scroll to the very bottom then done.

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I just enter a broken portal and get my tokens, ads are overrated.


I don’t see it on my pc.

Oh wait i forgot to turn off my ad block lmao

I can do it with an adblock lol

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What an magic.

I guess i am bugy then

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Oh. I played on Opera, not Mozilla.

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For me its always worked on pc once i turned my adblock off but i use mobile cause it is safer

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Articles work for me on pc i just need to load the tab that opens. The reason i went to mobile is because i 3 minute video kept comming up lol

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its been 7 or 8 months for me to use it on PC

5 minute later.

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I have a Adblocker so I don’t get this

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Will this ever be available for kong? So lame that only the APP/Site get it…

I’m using Chrome,so mine doesn’t show anything like this.