*Note* This is for the people who want to read the Story I made

Keep in mind, if you don’t want to read it, simply say why you don’t want to! As long as I don’t receive a lot of hate. FOr the people who do want to read it and chooses in the pole, I will make a private chat for them so they receive new updates!

  • I want to read it!
  • I don’t want to read it

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This pole will close by tomorrow, at 6:00!


what story?
explain first

I think the reason people hate is because people (like me for example) don’t like multiple posts about the same things other than in Off-Topic… But I would like to be in the chat please.

Oh, sorry.
Well, if you wan’t to join the chat, you can select the “I wan’t to read it” part of the pole. There, I make a group of people who want to read the story, and get updates on what the book is and what it is up to date. The story is private, and only those I send a link out to can get into it.

Well I will move the other topic to off topic then.

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I wasn’t being mean btw :blush: Just may have sounded harsh

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I love stories!..

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The poet says “They have been told me all the stories … and I have slept with all the stories!”

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I think I heard that somewhere.

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Is a beatiful poem of Leon Felipe:

I do not know many things, it’s true.
I only say what I have seen.
And I’ve seen:
that the cradle of man rocks it with stories,
that the anguish cries of man drown them with stories,
that the tears of man clog it with stories,
that the bones of man bury them with stories,
and that the fear of man …
has invented all the stories.
I do not know many things, it’s true,
but they have slept me with all the stories …
And I know all the stories. :sunflower: