Note my mech ;)

what do you think about that mech ?

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It looks interesting your mech but in my opinion needs more cooling by those dors heat pumps

My modules are not maxed :wink:

Can you show your modules?

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from time to 2 heat engines remove a heat engine and put a cooling mass booster

Nice idea !!! loook I can add 2 of them instead of the engine better now thanks

of course the energy module is useless I dont keep it but dont have 3 cooling mass booster xd

It would be very troll to use 3 cooling mass booster although better just use 2 and leave a slot with nothing xD

if everyone use that new item very op 3 cooling mass booster is cool :wink: because put 700 heat in one turn is possible now xd

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This setup is pretty darn good one you max out the engines and the bomb.
I dont know if this is good or not, but I fell that you could remove a plat, and add an engine and a mass booster or a heat capsule unit and a mass booster.
The set up of modules below this post that you put, your heat cap sucks, and will definitely be overheated by yourself, its like suicide.

And the suicide build set ups started…


Easy wins for us,don’t you like the sound of it?

I mean,it’s a pretty good boiler
It will do good in the arena.Though…
You could change a plate into another engine and booster (my physical has better heat stats and not maxed either).You’ll need the extra heat with those 2 weapons.
I give it a 7 and an 8 after you buff its heat stats.

Yes, but itll be so damn annoying to play these guys…


LOL, less than 650/350 and you’re screwed with that setup. I have actually decided on damage and high cap for my heat mech, instead of focusing on heating. I see it as a counter productive weapon that actually does no damage.

When everyone is looking left, rather look right. I may just keep one in inventory to adjust build when I feel like it. But I will definitely have the right stats to use it, and to not be affected when it’s used against me!


Yeah… you could have at least one myth to help get those perfect in raids.

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it’s bad because after you use the heat bombs and magma blast you get stuck from range 2 to range 3, that means suicide.

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You’ll definitely need more heat. Perhaps add 2 more modules in place of a plate.

You has 266 cooling.
Ihas 204 cooling.
My life is a lie.
Also thats a pretty good (and when I say pretty good I mean a nightmare) against energy mechs.