Not the drama, not the way things should be


Evryday we are faced with hardships. And evryday we overcome them.
This is not a call for a withc hunt.
This is not a call for accusation on the staff that is involved.
This is another attempt to wake you guys up.
None of the topics we have opened were aswered.
None of the problems we have stated were solved.
No transparancy of the acctions that you should/have taken.
You ask for our support, and for our time to help you, yet you ignore us.
You continue to silence, to ignore, and to hide what is happening.
There are illegal obtained accounts in the game.
There are exploiters, and bug abusers, third party sofwear users, that continue to obtain benefits from the game.
You still dont answer, you still don’t give solutions.
I have asked that you follow the list of things that can help solve the problems that you have.
You refuse to cooperate with us, and give sand in the eyes with statements like " Soon","we are working on it"
This is not only my point of view, this is the point of view of the players that have spent alot of time and money into this game.
You think that you don’t need us, but you are wrong.
Thinks are done thru dialoque, and comunication, please take into account that if this is lost, there will be no way of recovering it.
To activate the topic that you have closed, the ones that you have unlisted.
Do try and work with us, instead of silence.
If you chose the normal way of how things need to be done, you will have happy players, you will have player that want to spend money, and that know that by supporting you, they get suported by you.


How is that not a witch hunt?


There is evidence of illegal transaction.
There is evidence of game exploits and acces of some players to features that should only be used by devs.
There is evidence of sensitive information that has fallen in the wrong hands, of unauthorised persons.
There is evidence of codeing beeing used by players to generate items that cost money.
There are alot of things that went wrong for too long in this game.
It is unfair towards the players that have spent time and money into this game, for others that have used illegal methods to gain the same if not more then the ones that have supported this game.
It is imoral to not do anything about it, even more so to ignore it, and hide it.
It is a wake up call.
let me give a simple example, you spend money and buy a car, also that car has a long waiting list.
So you spend money and time, to obtain that car.
But at the same time, there is a band that steal the car from the showroom.
The police does nothing, they dont chase the thievs, they say the car was never stolen, and dont take any messures to prevent further theft, nor retrive the stolen good.
As a member of this comunity should you feel that is ok?
At the same time, in your neighborhood you see the band rideing the car, enjoying it and laughing at you, and basicly ruleing your neighborhood, doing whatever they want, stealing, selling stolen goods, etc etc.
Is it ok?
Does it sound like a wittch hunt?



I work for BD so most of this I cannot speak on.

Let me however make very, very, very clear this part is not possible.

Tacticsoft does not store your credit card info, bank information or any other information to that sense. Not even encrypted – We never store it, we never see it, we never touch it. PayPal and such handle it on our behalf.

Additionally all passwords are entirely encrypted according to all expected security norms.

Finally, while we do store some other information about you, as in accordance to our privacy policy, however, this is all stored in our databases with no player access.

Over the past 9 years, not once has a player, hacker or otherwise managed to gain access to any of the databases, let alone the ones shared between BD and SM. There is a dedicated security professional (Julius) who is responsible for the security of our databases and other backend services (the stuff not specific for the game), he also was responsible for huge parts of core infrastructure that allow both BattleDawn and SuperMechs to exist, so it’s fair to call him a bit of a genius and totally devoted to ensuring such a thing will never, ever occur. :slight_smile:

I cannot speak on SM much, I apologize for that and I wish I could help, but the SM team is all in an office and I am hundreds of km away working on an entirely different game.

That said, I just wanted to make clear there is no reason to worry about your personal data (specifically: real name, bank details, passwords, stuff like that).

Thanks :slight_smile:


Just because I think there were so many topics opened up, you may have missed Sarah’s actual response. This is another reason why I ask that folks not try to create 20 of the same topic. People don’t want to write the same long answer 20 times and to consolidate, they often miss that some topics contained different issues. So incase you missed it, here is what was stated below.

As I have stated before though, I have zero issues with topics like this one here. You are not trying to call out individuals to be banned, you are not simply saying “this game sucks”. You are asking for change (which is always fine :slight_smile:). Please do understand, Rome wasn’t built in a day. I could understand if it was weeks, but it’s been a little over 1 day now since Sarah has responded.

And in regards to hackers/cheaters, please provide as MUCH info as you can. Do remember, unique usernames are NOT a thing in SM currently. There can be 20 people with the name ZION. So as much information as you can provide helps. At the current moment, simply giving a name of someone and a written explanation of their wrong doings are like telling the SM staff to find a needle in a haystack. So don’t underestimate details and screenshots :slight_smile:

Oh and just my knowledge from playing any type of online game involving others (fps, strategy, rps, etc), it is usually the case that ban’s are not openly discussed by staff. Staff will ban, but never publicly announce bans. I have never seen a game in my lifetime that has ever done such.

Feel free to continue discussing the topic though.


Im not gonna say anything anymore. Because my comments are hidden. My topics are unlisted…No need to say anything.


Just my few words :

Every Gaming company faces these problems , be as it someone as Big as Rockstar or Supercell , and even the average ones like Tactisoft Or Huntedcow Studios , it takes time for them to solve these problems. Other than Chess i havent seen a game in which people didnt tried to hack or abuse stuff. But they keep trying to fix the situation. U gotta have patience.


K hacking chess now, going to promote my bishop to a queen, hopefully my opponent doesn’t notice


There is something called common sense. In all professions common sense is one of the most useful tools, when you want to solve a problem.

Here we are told that they need direct evidence of hacking. As I am not a hacker, I cannot log into the Tacticsoft servers to get direct proof. What we have are indirect evidence that we have presented here.

And based on these indirect evidence, what we are asking is for an audit to be carried out on certain specific accounts. We have a list of those accs, that we can send them by email when you require it. We want the results of that audit to be published within a reasonable period of time. If these people are innocent, their name will be clean.

Do we have to get a Judicial Order for it? Exaggerated? Here is money involved and I can assure you that if any Lawyer sees the possibility of obtaining a few thousand dollars, take the case.

You derive responsibility for the facts (if any, and we believe so) to the alleged hackers. But forget that Tacticsoft is responsible for carrying out the corresponding controls to ensure the correct fulfillment of the consumers Rights (us).

As long as you do not perform these audits, you will have the players divided between the East and the West. It is of little use to close or hide the topics in the forum. There is a problem that needs to be solved already or your game is going to garete.

Rgds. Nancy.


Don’t think that’s what they mean. You don’t need to hack the game yourself to expose a hacker. If someone was really hacking you could obviously tell and not just claim it as “indirect evidence”. You all have never SHOWN any evidence that I’ve seen of someone actually hacking the game and doing something malicious. Bugs are an issue with every game and @Sarah247 and the tacticsoft team are only humans. They’re doing what they can to fix any issues and making 10k posts about how someone who’s beaten you on the rankings is “hacking” won’t fix anything and only causes a hassle for the people who are trying to fix real issues.

Here’s an example of someone OBVIOUSLY hacking in another game:

This literally makes no sense btw, how is a legal team gonna catch a hacker even if there was one :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s all I gotta say, you guys will label this as just another BD player who is butting into something we know “nothing about”


Cool video. But be sure that is not even 40% of what thinga you can do in sm.


Thank you for the proof’s. Should be helpful. For the sake of others not seeing how this is done however, I have unlisted and tagged SM team to take a look :slight_smile:



First video doesn’t even show hacking, it’s just some kid (literally he spells worse than you do) who has tokens and coins, big deal. What was that gonna prove :stuck_out_tongue:

2nd and 3rd video weren’t hacking either. Sorry to burst @KilliN’s scheme but he just edits the id using a program (the shit shown in the 3rd video) that can do lots of things that will all be gone when you refresh the page. You all are falling for clickbait nonsense that doesn’t even show real hacking. Funny because he’s making money off of you idiots

Oooooo and another thing. These videos prove nothing about the, or any of the 100 other hacking accusals you put out there. Just stop man


I love free adversting :smiley:


Nosense, all this vids have more 10k+ views, and any can watch it on yt.


Exactly @Carter.

Also, @kingblinks let el metre make his fairy tails, it’s always funny how he insult people in top ranks for no reason…

Best part: “Funny because he’s making money off of you idiots”


Simply put, you post vids saying you’re “hacking” or “cheating” and if you happen to get banned, well… pretty easy to explain why :sweat_smile: So I really don’t see why you’d be proud of it, nor why you would post it, regardless of if it actually was or was not.

Will let the SM team decide if it’s just silly alterations or if it legit messed with things. Either way though, seeing it done allows for changes to be made. So once again, if you wanted to keep it, why post it?

Now I will say this, please keep civil all.


cheaters !!!


Is not the sale of accounts an indirect test for you?

We will obtain a Judicial Order for audits if necessary. We are going to reach the final consequences and to the bottom of this whole mess.

I’m going to get there, I assure you. And he who warns not betray.


This is also indirect evidence. I keep it.

Thank u.