Not sure whats going on


3 battles now (not in a row but all today) I have not been able to play and lost.

The actual battle in my eyes:
my turn: Activate shield
Theirs: nothing for 15 seconds and then goes to 0 and i attack twice??
my turn: Skipped
Theirs: game ends and i lose?

Watching the replay i activate my shield and then they repeatedly attack me and then i quit…

Its also noticeable that my turns dont seem to happen, i constantly have 1 green light on and 1 off.

My username: Elcent
ID: 13239999

@Sarahsh247 The fact this has happened 3 of my last 5 games worries me.

If you need more details/want to see the replays or anything let me know.


This happens a lot in the game. Game freezes and you lost. Game time stops and loose turns. So that is that.


This happens to me 2/3 times a day. Coming to lose over 5,000 rankings for nothing.


That seems quite game breaking :fearful:


Oh I read that wrong, I thought you said 2/3rds of the day, sorry I’m tired :zzz:

Still tho, this seems kina weird n shitty to happen (even tho I don’t play SM)


And after this attack like write in @cicion post :

look …

with 73% ratio put me at the end of lv. 2 just before lv. 3