Not new but hello!

Hey there, I’m Magicmech20 (Freckles the Magic Mech in-game) and even though I’ve been around for a bit I don’t think I’ve posted here, so I thought I’d just say hello.

There, I did it. Hope y’all are happy :grin: If you have questions I will (probably) answer them below!

If you can guess who my avatar is you get brownie points!


It’s master chief

Am I right

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is that agent washington?

from red vs blue


ding ding ding ding ding! you got it! Not master chief (close!) but Agent Wash from RvB.


why thank you

ps welcome to the forums i dont think i have seen you before

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I been around for a few weeks. But I’m not as prolific a poster as some. Thanks!

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you thingy says you have been here since october

Hello , hope you will be able to build an awesome mech! Good luck for your future

Wait… you’re harry pottr?

oh yeah and welcome!

Welcome to the forum! :wink:

is it john/master chief

Nope, see above. But right universe at least :grin:

And here is my mech, for all those that have been wanting to see it. Its drone is a mythical murmur, and that background side weapon is a mythical magma blast.

Also, I signed up in October but I haven’t really been doing anything until late December. :stuck_out_tongue: