Not much publicity


thats is
obvious to place publicity but in campaing destroy 1 enemy and place me publicity but “WHY” thats no its cool he is a better game but place much publicity u dont got more
¿earnings? tacticsoft thats is no be cool and i be playing in computer and be placed 100 stupids publicitys pleace kick more publicitys but not is cool u dont got more earnings but no is more need place stupid 100 more publicity


What in the world is this…?


More nonsense stories. Maybe a @Zarkares account? Personally I don’t understand this either…


is he talking about advertisements ??


wah is dis?
20 charcraracac


that makes since considering that Josemanuel says “in campaing destroy 1 enemy and place me in publicity” newer accounts DO get placed in an ad after they finish anything, whether its a mission or its an enemy or a ladder battle


im starting to get this illusion that Rage and Josemanuel are the same person.

And I can understand why nobody understands either of them (if they are the same person).


Rough translation: I hate ads!


for what reason would i have to create a topic like this? my only account is an old one meaning i dont get ads at all

and no im not a big fan of dwightx


that put a lot of advertising which annoys when I play the campaign when I destroy 1 robot in the missions they put me 1 publicity this stresses


guys i new in the forumand I do not know how to use it but they would help me since the truth is that I never knew about this forum but it attracts me


i dont be rage i a new in the forum and I do not know how to use it and I need help to use it XD


no friend i am not new in fact I am a veteran and after destroying 1 enemy of the campaign they place me 1 publicity


ehem play on Opera and u never gonna see adds