Not getting Tokens from watching ads when reach 335 tokens

So, lately I notice a change in “Watching Adds and getting tokens.” Is it just me? I was watching ads for a good day. I had under 300 tokens. After I reached over 335 tokens, the ads stopped. Yet, they didn’t stop appearing during campaign. I have over 500, now and no more free tokens watching ads. I’m I the only one. It started at the beginning of the year.


ok instead of just saying “ya i also have that prob” ill tell you the solution.
it involves playing on a phone for however long until you get 2 tokens from an add.
if it says no rewards available keep going until you get 2 tokens from watching an add.
so ya playing on a mobile device makes it work

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Yea, it stopped doing that. I would click fast, yet it stopped giving tokens on my phone.

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it works if you play a lot on your phone. once i had to play for a month on my phone to get it back

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Hmm…I played on my phone for a year… It stopped giving tokens in December…

on the phone?

Yep… I play both on my laptop and phone.

I’m getting ads normaly. Curently 1,777 tokens.