Not actually done with SuperMechs now


I give up. The lowered drop rates of boxes in campaign makes it near impossible to get better, so until something changes, consider me retired.


There is no lowered drop rate of boxes. The fortune boxes were just bugged. That has been fixed.


Yeah, i got 5 mix and a fortune box from big boy in a row. ( played on hard )


Yep it seems to be back to normal.


Drop rates were 7-8 today for me but I am jammed on item limit so it will be a surprise as to what is in them . I did get 6 mixed and 1 fortune box out of 8 drops .


? i mean, i get boxes in every mission i complete


Yes, this was just a bug. All is well now :slight_smile:


Bug was fixed. boxes drop from missions now. Happy grinding.


NOT TRUE ! Browser refreshed - did fast 5 runs BigBoy on hard difficulty to test this hypothesis - got only 3 boxes!


Disregard my post then, I look forward to some Fortune Boxes!


Next time you feel like making an “i quit” post without actually addressing the issue the devs might not have realized when releasing the update, please talk to a dev or look at the latest update thread. :slight_smile: as they ARE working on the game, and mistakes do happen once in awhile. Your first thought shouldn’t be “they hate us and wish we were dead and are trying to ruin our lives”. It’s a pretty fun assumption to have about everyone, but at some point it starts affecting you negatively.


Dont know what you are one… but defently pass that :poop:… puff puff pass.
By the way… it aint solved on mobile… still getting some blank boxes( no box actualy)


I play on mobile, but have not encountered a blank box yet… after the reported “fix”…


Maybe you should refresh your cache if you are still getting the issue?


Thank You Sarah247

It’s working well again along with a bonus of not having to click a bunch of times opening each and every box to get money + MIX boxes.

/ME crossing fingers the EPIC / LEGENDARY item drop rates increase too :smiley:


Hi @Sarah247. Nothing is well now. Perhaps just ONCE in your life you take a second to respond to my note/post/support ticket. And perhaps ONCE you will be totally honest with your playerbase. I made tests TODAY, so your explanation with correcting the “bug” is simply a lie. First of all, the Big Boy mission now drops a regular silver box with 3/2 items, so this is no longer the special boss box you can have an option of landing a legendary (small, but still). Second of all, the tests show the chance to drop a box TODAY is like 60%. So you tell another lie. Can you provide your playerbase with anything true?


Not sure what note or post you are referring to, but Sarah isn’t support staff. She’s a community manager.

Big Boy has always dropped regalar mixed boxes with the chance of the occasional fortune box. If you got a lot of fortune boxes before the update, you were just lucky.

As far as I’ve been playing (it’s been a pretty long time), i dong recall once Sarah lying to the playerbase. She might have made mistakes or not replied because it would make the situation worse, but she hasn’t just went around lying to people as you insinuate.


But of course she is support as well, received plenty of responses from Sarah, but this was BEFORE SM RELOADED, in the times they still cared about the community.

Sorry, you are sooo wrong. Before the last nerf BB dropped a special box that contained 2 items only. You will never find another one in the game elsewhere. And this was the box you could land a legendary with. I even have my own personal data on droprates, calculated by energy used, etc. But they are confidential.[quote=“Kaen, post:17, topic:7626”]
but she hasn’t just went around lying to people as you insinuate

You are wrong for the third time, @Kaen. Let me quote again.

Nothing is well now, because this was not a bug. They changed the box and they changed the droprate. It is a plain nerf, and so “All is well” is simply a lie. And I am not insinuating anything. It is just plain truth.


Well, if you read above and some other threads on the issue, it seems everyone says it’s fine now, but not you. Maybe the issue is your game? Have you updated the app or cleared your cache?


I am sorry, Kaen, do not feel disrespected… but why do you ask me such questions? Don’t you think that in fact this is Sarah’s job, altogether? See, this is why I lost patience with all the TS personnel. I am waiting for more than 2 months for responses to my 4 support tickets. And please give Sarah an opportunity to react. You will see how “quickly” this reaction will be… You know, SOON… And you are talking to a SM player with 3+ experience in the game. Cache? Please…