Nostalgia time: Share your legacy items

So over the past few weeks I have seen more players using items that were in the previous version of supermechs and let me just say… I love it.
It’s really cool seeing the items that used to be. I’ve only played since November of 2018 and that was only because it was my kids app at first. Lol.
I’d like to keep this post rolling with images and stats (if available) of these old weapons.
Maybe even talk about what u loved and loathed about the weapon.
Once we get this rolling we can tag some of the devs to give them some input of what the community wants to see.
I feel like although the game is not perfect they are throwing better deals at us now
I’ll start with what I call roller skates on the left mech.


Hey @Galaxy_Master tag anyone that has legacy to share

@KilliN do u happen to have some images and stats for the legacy items of days past?
Or if you could tag people that would want to help would be sweet too

My favorite item from legacy:


I didn’t spend enough time in legacy to remember any of it

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I had one that was energy
it was nice

The only living survivors of the cursed Legacy Converter.

Ask me about the history of each of them if you like :slight_smile:


the only one survived…:frowning:


I wished that I kept FireWall.

Probably the most useful item for heat mechs right now.

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I think it’s good, looks funny (Nintendo.) lol
And still a very strong 'Mech.

untitled%20(5) untitled%20(6)
the only survived of my legacy parts ;-;


yes…metal shredder.i loved that one…
(i don’t know if something like that exist in new release, because being f2p, my inventory is very limited…

I have had that weapon used on me. Pretty handy…like a repulser but unlimited

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What’s the 3rd item in the middle section and what do the bottom ones do?

Keep it coming guys. Tag anyone that u think could contribute or would like to.
It’s cool to see how some of the weapons come over and how they have changed

3rd from the left is a Energy & Heat Booster I
22/11 Energy
22/11 Heat

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@T-850. You have any legacy items to share

what is??? send the stadostics[quote=“woop2, post:4, topic:49160”]
Mi artículo favorito del legado:

doble charge???..