Noobie Gimme some Tips :3

Hi Guys! Greetings as well! :smile:
IGN : -([a][b][o])-
I’m from Philippines.

Well I’m new to this game so i need some facts and tips about the game I just started 2 days ago and I’m stuck with energy boss but instead I grind items from easy bosses I’ve been grinding for 2days but didnt get legendery stuffs I’ve got only 4 epics from chest so far lol. XD and I’m trying to build Heat Bot.


Hi Welcome !

Yes please let us know about your experiences as new player !

Thanks !


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Welcome!! Tips, hmm… Have fun and don’t take it too seriously. :sparkling_heart:

Why lol? I’m having fun crushing bots in pvp xD just wanted fun thats all

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Played the game before but before its so ez to get higher tier items but now what happen? Especially EPICS! Out of 100boxes opened i just get 7epics lol

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watch out for energy bots,i hate them and btw im “I am the one” on the game if you want to play with me :slight_smile:

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