Noob Question Outlet


You guys are SM players right? how do you communicate there?


Uhh, in game chat, discord, Kong Chat, forums


You saw me, right???


Where you at


I’m on Mars 1. You are on Fantasy 3.


I am?


It looks like it to me.


Kk, I’m in Mars 1

You on discord? We got a discussion going there


Discord is sort of broken right now.


I’m already in EnerGY’s BDA


I am not really active on forums.
Check once a day kind of thing.

U could use discord online to reach us if your phone app is messing up.


so, what is the best way to gain score as an underdog?


Yeah! Is there a way to comeback from losing everything


Cause other people to war the big dog team so that you have time to rebuild. Also if you plan it correctly, while the big teams units are over the otherside of the world, you can start harrowing them with a small amount of units but still cause devestating damage!

Often as well, when a team is ahead they can play sloppy. Use this overconfidence to get in spy attacks, allowing your small amount of units to kill large amounts.

And of course, increase your activity. With good enough activity even the smallest army can prove deadly!


Shhhh faker, you’re giving away strategy to H1N1


This is godly advice

especially the “pittting another player/alliance against the big dog”