Noob Question Outlet


I joined the discord… only people who said anything was Shibu and Maestro

Dead server


U didn’t ask any questions mate.

And no one but me and Maestro are jobless enough to doodle around :stuck_out_tongue:, that’s why u didn’t see no one.

(Not denying that it is a dead server)


twas distracted by you saying how you can’t speak to girls XD

and Maestro’s lovely drawings


how to play battledawn pls


Here’s the BDA invite link.
U can ask whatever questions u have over there.
Might even be able to get join someone experienced and play with him/her so that they can teach you first hand.


I’m getting attacked! I am now moving all my troops to my outpost.
I don’t have enough control ticks on my OP.
@Shibu885 @BaBaBaBaBane @EnerGY @Annonymu5
My Discord is broken.


Stupid No Bees.


hey bruce, are you able to defend the attack? No sense getting conquered if you don’t have to be :slight_smile:

If I had more time I’d be willing to help you out more directly, but I’m quite busy with school atm. lmk if you fix your discord id be down to add you


Just move them to the outpost then pull them back once the attack has conquered your base. The attacker will not continue to bother you in most cases.


I don’t know how many idiots No Bees have in his squad.


That’s what I’m doing currently.


I’m also sending a spy to his outpost.


you can get a scan for what might be incoming if you click on your colony and press the eye button (although you do need the structure for it!)


Do you have any other means of communication? since you know forums are open and even your attacker could be watching this :upside_down_face:
Battle dawn people prefer either skype or discord. you dont even have to use your real name or share any details.


He has a bunch of tanks, I’m totally outclassed.


Something like 60 concussives.


All my troops are concussive meatshield.


I would say continue what you are doing.
Move away all the units inside your base to avoid an uncertain attack that might end up killing you - This is what BD players call dodging.
In the process of dodging a good thing to do would be to build 1 Infantry concussive armor unit inside your base ready ( if you have none, then you’ll have to rush it) and let it be killed. Don’t worry about it. It’ll give you a battle report of the attacker’s units. This is precious information for every BD player. Use this information of your attacker carefully to simulate a battle later on.


I’ll emphasize once again. BD is a game filled with tactics based on available information, And here your army. You need to keep such things a secret. Your attacker could be looking at this thread and now he might know how your army looks like.


I just rebelled against SingH, cost 24 ticks