Noob Question Outlet


@Bruce0206 and I will use this to ask noobish questions

(dude… how many topics you need)


Lol, I will try to not create as much topics now.

On a serious note, when you join on Tuesday, I may already be conquered because at the time I’m posting this, my shield only has 4 ticks left. If you can, avenge me.



When your shield runs out, doesn’t mean you’ll immediately get attacked

You can also run away

I think… am noob


How do I run away?

I’m also a noob. But my rank is 49.


Make an outpost, move units out when they have conquered you , move back … This will save your army.


Dang I don’t have an outpost. Should I spend blues?

If I do, should I move my units now?


Why spend blues? I don’t even know what for


Blues: Blue Tokens
Blue Tokens: F2P version of Regular Tokens


I know what they are… I said what for?


I want to spend them to build an outpost.


Just build an outpost? Only need 500 something and 5 workers or something idk


The thing is I spent all my resources to train my army.


Another Question: It’s almost bedtime, will I get attacked this night?


Just post your info there and they will add you to a discord chat where u can ask as many questions as u want.


Darn my phone number got screwed up.


So like… do every battledawn player play every arena or most of you just play 1 or 2


In my opinion, I play on only 1 arena to dedicate my efforts.
Ahem, I ONLY play on 1.


As much as he can now…
I think… guess… thought… may…


My account just got deleted for some reason.
Probably because I linked SM.


Ask in the BDA discord chat. You will get answers more quickly over there.