Noob question about grinding

I have seen people mentioning grinding Ramboy on insane and I’m doing that but not really getting any good loot. Just wondering are the drops rates higher for higher levels or no? Any advice on grinding is welcome. I haven’t made it to big boy yet.


i have made it to big boy but i stick with ramboy because he gives fusion fuel. if i wanted gold, i would grind big boy but i have a lot of those. what i need is items, and the way to get most boxes quickest without spending money, using the least amount of fuel (or even if you do spend money) is ramboy normal difficulty


Or, you could do any mission in overlord’s den on insane. Then you could spend the gold on boxes.


ehem ramboy grinding is usefull if u have more than 100k gold if not go kill the last bosses
btw is ramboy on normal the apropiated grind by the lowest fuel consumption if not ciber goat & molotov normal are way more rewarding

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