Nonstop world (no havoc)

my idea is to have a world that has no stop or tick limit. you can place at any time, and around tick 500, 10 relics are released evenly spread over the map. when an alliance holds all 10 relics for 100 ticks, the alliance that wins gets compensated and deleted from the world. 2nd place alliance gets a choice to get 2nd place tokens and also get deleted or to stay and forfeit reward if they want to try to get rank 1 next session. after the win, 500 ticks later 10 relics drop again, rinse and repeat. players that win/get 2nd are not allowed to place on the world for 1000 ticks after being removed from it. including alt accounts. placing from another account is not allowed and is bannable. might include a timer on the world that tells you how soon you can plant again.

there is no point in several alliances holding the relics together since there is no tick limit. and if some alliance is dragging out an era a vote can be held to have them be forcibly removed from the world and forcibly compensated for the “win”

  • yes, we need a nonstop world
  • no, we do not need this.

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@BurningApollo @EnerGY any comments on why?

for the lolz


gud choice lol

Major reason being , less people would play it and hence a team that might not even fight for the whole duration of the era would also win, after all the leading alliances get deleted.

only one leading alliance would get deleted. with 2nd place alliance having a chance to be deleted. only 2 “eras” would happen between its deletion and when it can post again. im sure we have more than 2 alliances in this game.

im with the idea if it happens
tho it just doesnt look like any teams more than 5 in count place non-randomly

idk. in my opinion it would be a good opportunity for mentoring. like, even if the actual pro teams do win and disappear, mentors would be able to pick up remaining players that aren’t that good and would be able to teach them a thing or two about how to win and so on. I actually got this idea while talking in mentor chat about how we could possibly improve the new player experience.

With this, my vote is no. I gotta keep winning.

it’s a low reward world that’s supposed to go quicker between wins than a standard world and allow new players and weaker players a chance to win. my idea isn’t making a high reward world, but to help new players and teach them a thing or two.

if it gets implemented and goes well, we could then have a similar rule 4-ticker or 6-ticker with higher reward for active better players.

The only problem I have is that 3 or more alliances can effectively take turns and thus hold a monopoly. And yes I know itd be other players pejoratives to take those teams down, but there simply isn’t a lot of players that still play. I don’t even though I frequent the forum.

However this is the only downside I can think of and so I voted yes.


yeah. i was thinking Galaxy teams might come to BD to try that. but they are weak, so would be good xp food.


wow first kaen idea that i actually like. but its not gonna happen

I agree with Zealot on his monopoly point. This idea seems like it will be aggressively abused. It also weakens the gameplay because there may be a lot of teams more then happy to let the rank one win, then wait and take their spot once the competition is out. The reward system would have to be altered, but doing that may also defeat the point of winning. It may bring more people to the world and to the game, but only to sit and wait their turn. Also it probably is bad for boosting, I think.

I would say its worth a shot. See what happens.


There’s just no incentive for rank 2/3 to fight rank 1. You could even have 2 teams get massively ahead and just pass it back and forth while camping everyone else

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There would have to be a control for those who win and those who follow up. If the winners give the second or third place a kickstart by leaving them in that spot they would have an easy win. Maybe if it was necessary for the alliances to fight (those who only sit and watch and are in tops are required to war unless they want to get kicked out forcedfully), and no subs allowed, as well as no battlehugging, and maybe it will be a good idea. Ill vote on yes.