Nonsense physical item stats

I don’t get it. Why does the dust maker or the back breaker decrease the cooling and regen of the opponent? What’s the point of it? There’re more weapons like that too but i can’t remember some of their names. Does someone know why they do that? The goal of a physical mech is to do as much damage as possible and not to destroy the cooling of someone ._.


Maybe they want you to intermix weapons so an EXP bot has 1 powerful PYS weapon but still helps your EXP or ELE bots extra backhanded powers.

A stronger knock-back weapon, perhaps for energy or heat mechs?

Those stats could help turn a battle. There is a slim chance but if the match was close enough and you caused an over heat of an opponent because of hidden stats it could possibly result in a win. I noticed that with Sweetie … (Not totally sure) but it drained my energy cap while fighting a physical mech. Cool stat if you were using it with an energy mech instead of a physical mech. Do not limit the possiblities of the weapons. That is why the older version was cooler. There were more possibilities for creativity in mech design.

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Swettie has -24/48 head cap (not sure)

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I think the original poster meant to question why they have energy and heat effects instead of a further increased physical damage.

After all if players intend to go for physical damage then instead of a little heat or energy effect some more physical damage done by the weapon would be more useful for that fighting style.

The physical damage strategy is in the end to destroy your opponent as fast as possible to be able to ignore heat and energy as much as possible.

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I got it. I was encouraging him to open his mind to further build possibilities .

I think it is because they are trying to encourage people to make hybrid mecha. I always wanted to make a 0 energy heat/ physical as an example.

Is this a ghost with zero damage? :sweat_smile:

damn just homos here

You can make a phys no energy mech staying in range is the problem. Heat as well. Both are very unreliant on energy . The loss of damage per turn , energy carry over is the advantage to energy. All you have to do is drain super fast, balance your regen, hit points, and cool down , and be good against anyone no matter then medium? Easy peasy. So tired of whining about how energy is op. It’s the hardest to build and fight unless you have a stock of ash creators, snipers, bunkershell s and modules . I have one good weapon. The rest came from a garbage pile.

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I also find it funny that the cheapest and easiest build counters high powered energy mecha pretty easy. A physical mech with 2 night falls and 2 annulations with 400+ energy will win almost every time vs a high powered energy.

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Yes and those both drop from boxes like candy. I am sorry but if you say energy is OP and you are packing less than 300 capacity you have no room to whine…:

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The only truly “OP” thing here (that shouldn’t exist in its current form) are those ridiculous legendary-myth armors. :slight_smile:

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There are no plans to nerf those at this time

Well they need to rethink their plans then.

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Come on flux they know what they are doing. Maybe it’s you who needs to rethink things…:upside_down_face:

Keep quiet Mohan-… lol

I am not se77en allegedly so I can now be anybody I suppose. Game is full of genuine people… Brimming with them as a matter of fact.

Maybe we are all se77en… we just don’t realize it yet.