Non-Myth Ladder


Another Ladder where Myths are not allowed . Pretty much like the Old Times
My old Mech is sitting in the corner of my inventory drown in the memories of old days. :cry:

  • Yes. Two ladder good for me.
  • No. Not a good idea.
  • Maybe.

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That be cool. A non myth battle, although I used my regular weapons as upgrade. But down with this.


i like the idea but i still prefer my idea of weight categories
each one would have a rank so… ill stick on my idea because i think the best way to boost interest on buying is giving importance to mythicals, with this, interest on buy tokens to get mythicals is reduced


What if ladder with Myth give better reward than Non-Myth ladder.(This way it would made Myths important than others)
And it could be implemented with weight categories.


Actually, it should be the other way around. Non-Myth ladder should get the better reward. You are battling without any Mythical’s.


would be a nice way too
but that means a lot of work to control players dont jump from a category to other xD


Then those who spend money for Myths would go this :rage:


I’m totally up for this. Nowadays all the mechs are the exact same (God mode, Lava Scope with Two Missiles and Spray…), while back in the old days Mechs were a LOT more varied. Besides, I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks some of the “unusable” items look really cool.


What’s the point of buying tokens then just for myths?


he didn’t say anything about completely taking out mythicals. it’s more of matching players in a better way. currently the system is “spend enough money to obtain the meta mythical items, and then spend more money buying a bunch of cores to upgrade your meta mythical items”. this would allow a mythical ladder to remain, but add another ladder for players that aren’t able to throw down a bunch of money to get those mythical items. i mean, sure you might get lucky, but i know quite a few players that have been playing for years and still don’t have some of those items.


I agree, the ladder battles are all about those has the most mythicals.
Maybe have a few myths but have a limit to it and have different tournament for each Mythical limit
Ex. 7 mythical tournament

Keep the rewards the same so people don’t choose one over the other.


wow im the only one who voted no…

the reason is simple:

bunny (my mech) has only 2 non-mythical parts, is not a copy of those one than kig or madao make popular, and i like battle vs any player who want feel the fluffy skin of my bunny feet on…

so, have 2 ledders is not only a bad idea, has no point.

you can get miths for free buying mixed chest like me (yeah bunny is full free).
so, say than you have years playing the game and no have good myths is a lie, i have playing 8 months, and 82 myths and counting, i have worked for it and im proud of it.

so, like in real life, if you want myths, work for it, if you want back your old mech because looks supercool, man take it out, clean it, upgrade it and put’em to fight!!!

thats why we have the chat, (yes is a secondary ledder) where you can fight without lost your rank, or your range on general list.

maybe the private battles need a reward on sm, but we dont need a third way to have pvp, the actual 2 are enough and fun to do pvp and rp :slight_smile:


Why you so negative? First of all, you are not thinking about the best that this can be. The non myth ladder will be for the best original weapons. The best to win against non mythical player. Create there own design. Oh, and I have over 200 mythicals, that I didn’t pay for. I don’t even use 90% of them. No mythical in this would be awesome. Every freaken mech has at least 3 mythicals when you are a new player. Make if more fun and have no mythicals on the mech build. Also, in rank 1, I hardly see any original weapons. It’s all mythical in that rank. Make use of the original weapons.


im not negative, i only say what i thing about a third way to pvp… and like you i didnt use the 89% of the myths… but, i will repeat, take out your old mech and bring it to the chat, i will be there waiting for it… :smiling_imp:


This is genius actually.


Dude I posted my old and original mech on this forum so many times, with no mythicals. Look for them. :wink:


Without mythicals youre going to get obliterated in ladder.


There should be a godmode-less ladder (jk… not jk)


Go back to level/weight categories, like many years ago. That was actually a very interesting method to keep the game more interesting, and give a chance to all players to compete.


Would love this to come true. I want to use my old mech in ladder fights, back when myths were rare, my old mech kicked ass. Now, it would get obliterated (my avatar is my new mech, but yoshimo disappeared so now I used godmode)