Non lethal first move


first move shuld be non lethal. don,t like losing 100+ hp on first move , before i have switched on the shields
(an ultranova hit on the first move, not fair; should be drone releasing or shield switching on). your thoughts?


interesting idea/////////////


No… What if you have an Ultra Nova and your opponent has a Super Nova in firing range and you go 1st, of course you will use the Ultra Nova.


Yep, this is my nightmare. Every time I face the goddamn Steel Barrier and on the first move I am in the melee range, and start second, of course… Not much you can do about it…


don’t forget: if they use UltraNova first turn, they don’t activate their drone. So they are trading some overall damage (esperally if all their weapons except drone are one-use or two-use) in exchange for tactical advantage (ability to attack and not be attacked). Sometimes this exchange is helpful, sometimes is not.

Either way, if your mech is resilent enough, you shouldn’t be hurt that much, and you activate drone first turn and deal more total damage. In case with limited-use weapons mech, if he unloads everything he got on you and you still live, you obviosly won.

one last thing: don’t forget that lower-rank (and thus weaker) mech is awarded first turn in battle


i said ,any one who has the first move ,should be limited to non-lethal move; no-one uses ultranova in their first move.