No way price change!

the premium box is now half price!?!?!?


OMG, poor kid… Hold your enthusiasm and click one of them… See what happens…


Yes it is! For half the price you get half the items now!!! Amazing right?

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Damn, sorry, I spoiled the surprise…

okay, i don’t buy them any way, it is better to buy credits then to get premium boxes


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i have only opened two of them and they were the complementary ones

Good call. Before they used to list the probability of having a legendary, myth etc drop from a particular box type…now that’s gone you really don’t know the odds of getting that legendary instead of an epic.

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Just remember the 30% not in invetory… that should give u a glance of chances :))

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Shucks yeah! I almost forgot the tons of fun I had opening countless boxes in vain for that ultra cooling mod!

(internal screaming as soul dies one post at a time)

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did anyone fuse all the extra items?

I’ve cut down a lot on my inventory, but I’m still in the ~700 region. It’s a struggle, especially with all the common items I keep getting.

I think now … goodbye to my hopes of obtaining a legendary life plaque or a legendary resistance module !!

I’m losing because I need more life or resistance in my mech, but I should stay that way. If before it was difficult, now it´s more!

The ODDs you speak of are simply called, SLIM to NONE.
I got a bridge for sale, it’s real cheap too :stuck_out_tongue: