No rewards this week (clan)

Please amend this, we are already missing 3 clan medals, 6 power kits and 3 items.



The Clan rewards should be put up now.


Ahahah, another Grim Cobra. Nice :sunglasses:
If there is a reward its 90% that its gonna be a grim cobra. Previously you said its automatic… so you have to reset the system every week and it always starts with the grim cobra? Or you do it manually now because the automatic system isnt working?
Or a different person choose every week what should be the reward… and they dont know what was in the previous weeks?

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can you guys like start putting some legendaries?

grim cobras are over rated at this point

they did it only one time, then, the emptiness

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Sorry to have to say this, but this issue is NOT solved …

  • it is nearly now every week like this … NO Clan rewards = no Clan medals

  • last week WE (Top3 Clan members) got NO Clan Medals

  • this week still no reward is showing

PLEASE can you fix this :question:


they don’t put them in on purpose because they don’t want to give anything more to the players than they have to. they just hope that every week players don’t remind them of this so they don’t have to do it, but you guys are breaking their hearts

you really want another Grim Cobra :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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