No rewards this season, as before


Yeah, no comments…

@Sarah247, @Mohadib, unfortunately I am being negative again… “Compete for glory and bigger prizes”. So this season we only have glory left, no bigger prizes…


There’s no glory either.

Unless you count the hole.


It is now the 8th or even 9th time (!!!) this will HAPPEN :

  • no prizes shown


  • no rewards (for Top 3 Clans members)

  • no Clan medals

The Clan medals from overlast week still are missing :exclamation:

So yes, it is us players being so so so negative, NOT tacticsoft making us so so so negativ :exclamation:

It is really a lot of FUN playing a game a whole week, being allowed to spend real money and getting even NOT the PROMISED (Clan Medals) rewards :grey_exclamation:

Great FUN, great game :exclamation:


P.S.: the answers (about the important questions for US players) were answered with avoid / bypass the truth and facts, which @Mordulec stated 100% correct also. Better to ask me about, I will give you a 100% true and based only on facts answer :grey_exclamation:


Thanks, Besty, for support, but you know… We need to be careful about stating we represent the playerbase… After all, we are just nobody…


Its there now. I love the idea that you get the same reward every week.


As long as I get my shiny bottle cap each week.


Im gonna ask the devs to remove all your shiny bottlecaps :smiling_imp:


@tacticsoft do you notice that there is an isue with :question:


Excuse me, when will you add reward this week? Another week with the same issue? @Sarah247 @Mohadib

We, all players of top clan, would like to win our medals, thank you


@Sarah247 @Mohadib




Alarm time. Add in weekly rewards for clans.


They are waiting for MY REACTION! So here we go!!!
TIC TOC, @Mohadib, time to post this week’s rewards for tournament!!!


On it. :grinning::grinning:



Couldn’t you guys just do this at the start of each tournament week now? Put it so that it’s the top priority in your weekly to-do list. Very easy to do and saves you the trouble of listening to us whine about this same issue every week.