No premium points after promotion video


@Sarah247 @Mohadib

This is the 3. fight day I don’t get my +3 points after watching a video.
That is 15 fights total.

I tried everything at first 2 sessions. Restart, wait a few hours… Nothing.

And I did not watch any video for free token or extra card since 10-12 hours.

What to do now? SM team please send me my 45 extra Fighting / Shop coins for watching the promotional videos. I did my part. This is not gold or a mixbox, this is something I care about!

My ID is : 10257398

Thank You!


Maybe tommorrow buddy :slight_smile:


Pretty sure they’ve given up on helping us. Expect more bs to come out in the coming weeks.


You mean this?

I claim more than 2 months ago about this problem and no one responds, they should be ashamed to disrespect us like that, since they earn money thanks to us.


well, not really nice.