No other ad to place?

Let’s agree … man is handsome, the landscapes are beautiful and the car is ugly.

But since 2 days ago I am seeing the same ad. It serves for everything, to obtain free tokens, to give one more card in boxes, to give 20% more HP in campaign, to increase the reward in pvp …

But … could change the ad from time to time?


This man can potentially be your future husband :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Maybe … but this one is already married.

You’ll never know if he gets a divorce~ :wink:

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Well… I’m not jealous…

Are you sure~?

K I’ll stop now :joy:


In Spanish we say “el hombre es como el oso, cuanto más feo, más hermoso” (man is like the bear, the uglier the more beautiful… no rhyme in English)


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I already did them all! The quizz are difficult, but solutions are in google.

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Buy a samgsung phone and give u 99999 tokens
a phone cost :thinking:

No. wrong… and ice cream puzzle only 11


but I had more quizz … in total I made about 100 free tokens …

Get 3000+ tokens for watching unlimited videos for a night

Have been told me that are not unlimited. You can see them up to 70 tokens. That’s what they told me.

Doesn’t works like that. :)


je fais souvent depuis … 1 video pub de 1 min gagne 2 tokens

watched video pub 4 or 5 times = 8 or 10 tokens then start again
watch again and again 12 videos pub a day so I win 22 or 24 tokens
same thing bonus item
I expense for compaign

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Do they get tokens from a page? or like (I got confused)

Those never work for me??? Tell how you got them to work