No Notification for new version availability (mobile)

I was not able to log-in using the mobile app yesterday.

Since I was in a low-connectivity area, and I keep getting connectivity issues, I did not worry about it much…

However, when one of my online games loaded, and the SM game still gave out connection errors - I thought the server could be down or my connection is too weak to support the game.

Then, when I was in a high connection area, and the game still could not load… I decided to check the app store for updates.

True enough, an update was available, and that was probably the reason why I was having connectivity issues.

Please include a notification when new updates are available so we could update (specially for those with manual update)


We have been doing a lot of updates recently to fix the connection issues.
It shouldn’t stop you from playing Super Mechs though. It was probably just a connection issue that we were having. We have since added server and did some server side fixes. It is an ongoing process and we appreciate your apteince.

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I likewise figured it must have been a connection issue, aside from a possible update. Well, in any case, it is good to know that connectivity issues are being addressed.


We usually make a newsfeed in-game for BIG updates.
For small updates, we don’t do one.
I do understand your point and will see how we can communicate it better.
Thanks for the feedback.