No more finish moves


remove the finish move pls, or ad a setting that allows you to disable it!
it’s really annoying after like 93 finish moves


Its more anyoing having them since 2014.

Seriously, its not anyyoinga


??? lol
Ten Trillion problems in supermechs and you’re annoyed with finish moves


If you gonna start losing 99% of fights then the problem dissapears :wink:


Well, finishing moves ARE annoying asf. And those ten trillion problems, are they being fixed by Tacticsoft? No? Well, since they arent doing anything and have a lot of free time, why not just remove a useless feature of the game?


They are fixing internal problems, much more important than the problems we use to report.
Some time ago they used to don’t take care for the internal problems, and what happen? Players with 5000 HP, Unlimited fusion cheat, Unimited premium boxes cheat, players cutting others’ connection during battle…

Even thought the game is not perfect we should just be grateful they fixed that.


Haven’t wittnesed any of those


These cheats was active before this bloody update.


Seriously the final move for an intro is very good to remove it :v