No medal reward


No medal reward and top clan reward just 3 legacy items.
What the ■■■■ is going on?
I P2P just for shit
You make me so angry


Here is the explanation: “Oops”



It happend now the 5th or 6th time, and HOW all devs did NOT see it the whole week ???



This is the part where the Soon_TM_ comes into effect effectively delaying the hotfix for the “duration”…


I didn’t get any items what were the legacy items you got?


3 legacy power kits shown means no one is getting anything for the past week!

Isn’t that great?!

Yes… that is VERY great FOR SURE.



Why are you complaining about a whole 9,000 power to add to your growing stash ?-?


No you don’t get it… 3 power kits means there will be no medal. This happened before, more than 5 times in this year alone.


Mhhh … maybe because I only got 1 out of this three !



I was aware that this had happened previously but srsly actually no hotfix(s) over 5 occurrences?


No, of course not…

Maybe if this was another game…



Well from some people’s perspective it is a whole other game :stuck_out_tongue:


…with the same developers (!!)


Doesn’t developers mean they develop hotfixes for the bugs in their games?
“Grabs a pair of rangefinders” No hotfixes inbound Sir!


The weekly tournament rewards are not inputted via program, I am pretty sure they have to do it every week with some clicks !

“Same clicks” … as we know how tacticsoft works … often “some clicks” are to much … even there is a WHOLE WEEK time for it !


P.S. : and it is not like that we play the whole week for this target, to get medals and rewards, no no, we just play to throw out our time and money out of the window !


Well to their defense, they are burning almost .08 calories or $.001408 of a dollar per click which is very expensive you know!

PS: Must be wide windows :wink:


whoa whoa, are you talking about THIS week? No i hope, I am supposed to get my third medal , as since some weeks happen we get turnament medal after 1-2 days later


WTF, only my clan’s screen got the medal! me and our other members got nothing! WE DEMAND OUR MEDALS! THIS HAPPENS SEVERAL OF TIMES AND CANT BE CONTINUED! WE DIDNT WORK FOR NOTHING!:angry: