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And by the way, it´s interesting why you only need 2 heat modules and 3 or 4 energy modules.

Obviously here is an imbalance. If the game were balanced, you would need the same amount of heat and energy modules.


Absolute correct :exclamation:



Void should stay with energy. It is fine how it is. A better option, as many have said, is to make greedy energy free. That would create a nice balance variation instead of an op drone.


I think I do get what you’re saying, because of how drones are really just separate entities from a mech, they should be independent of them(?)

But then there’s gonna be some overhaul on the balancing of these drones, or at least a major reprogramming done to them, both of which would probably make the devs and us complain more.


That’s what they are for.

Ultimately, a lot of trial and error is proceeding. And most solutions go through nerfing, which isný iscorrect either. You cannot one day increase the dmg of a sword and the next week remove it. Is bad for everyone who invested time and / or money to obtain and maximize it.

You cannot change 3 times the weight of a new item in 2 days, as happened with The Claw.

Not to mention the new weapons, which are more like experiments, of which 70% of them have been bad.


Before we even consider this option, there is a lot to be fixed involving some recent additions to the game

I will be making a topic on my ideas for those issues soon, based on what I have seen many top players state in my forum lockdown period


If you compare the 3 following premium drones of the same category:

Swoop (24/24)

Swoop allows the heat mechs to do more heat dmg by using energy (although I think the cost should be 24/24 instead of 31/31). I assume the devs designed it to help to overheat pys mechs, because it’s the only way for a heat mech to defeat a pys mech (dmg versus dmg always fails because pys mechs hit harder). And the low weight of this drone allows the pilot to use heavier weapons (Reckoning, Abomination) to push away the pys mech brawlers. Pys mechs know they have to manually cooldown once each round to counter this heat mech tactic.

Windforge (31/0)

Windforge is the Swoop-like drone for energy mechs but it has no heat cost. I assume the devs designed it to beat heat mechs. This idea is supported by the fact that Windforge does low damage (heat mechs don’t have many HP compared to others) but it does high energy dmg (Face Shocker was probably designed later) to drain opponent and to prevent him from using popular weapons like Corrupt Light. Pys mechs don’t care about the energy draining because they can use non-premium energy-free weapons plus they have more HP to counter additional draining dmg. Its relative lighter weight and its bigger drain can also sense to compensate the use of Bulldog (heavy weight and low energy drain heat-free weapon) to fight against heat brawlers at close range (typically TerrorBlade users).

Greedy (0/31)

Now, if you have read carefully what I wrote about the two previous drones, you guess that I assume that Greedy was designed to counter the last type of mech: electrical. Thus, its cost needs to be changed to 31 heat but energy-free. Its low damage don’t make it OP (but it still useful because it’s better to do low damage than no damage at all). Its low weight allows pys mech to use energy-free heavy weapons like Annihilation or Mercy. (Purifier needs to be reworked, higher damage for higher weight maybe?)

This changes (for Swoop and Greedy) could turn these unloved premium drones into helpful situational items, rare enough to don’t affect the meta too much (Windforge is already fine like this).

EMP way too OP - EMP needs a nerf

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